W3R-related Presentations by Ralph Nelson, Ph.D. 

Dr. Nelson was incorporator of the W3R-US in 2004,
Website manager for 2006-2015, and chair in 2009-2010
These presentations are accompanied by PowerPoint displays
that require an LCD projector and screen.
The speaker will bring his laptop computer.
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Hand-in-Hand; Ever so Carefully

A survey of the gradual development between the U.S. and France of communications, referrals, and surreptitious aid into large-scale loans, donations of military stores, cooperative military expeditions, and overwhelming sea and land firepower.

Walking in the Footsteps of W3R History

Photo-show exploring the relatively undisturbed portions of the trail taken by the French Expeditionary Force in 1781 from Newport RI to Yorktown VA and visiting the graves of many French soldiers and sailors who died in the U.S. during that time.

The Careers of Washington and Rochambeau

A self-made gentleman farmer and a seasoned military officer. A comparison of the growth, maturing, successes, and disengagement of these key Revolutionary War generals shows how they mastered the levers of available power and greatly improved the fortunes of the organizations in which they served.

The Many Faces of George Washington

Discussion of Washington's career from the perspective of a retired junior officer (the speaker's ancestor), who heard about GW's early life, observed several key moments of his military and presidential careers, and mourned his death.

The French Navy - a Vital Resource during the American Revolution

The French navy dispersed British military power around the world, isolated the British army at Yorktown, and brought sufficient new land forces and siege guns to ensure a quick victory there. An overview of the application of global military power in the 1780s.

The Victory that Doubled the Size of the United States

Thirteen colonies set out to achieve independence from Great Britain. How big were they on paper and in reality? Who had sovereignty over the land beyond the Appalachian Mountains? ... beyond the Missisippi River? ... beyond the Rocky Mountains? One man in Louisiana made good use of his resources and upset the balance of power, with results that surprised everyone.

Keeping French Silver in Delaware

How many silver dimes would it take to pay a French soldier for a month? How many pounds of silver did Gen. Rochambeau spend each month to maintain his army in the United States? What strategies did the British navy and Delaware businesses, farmers, and thieves employ to move French silver from French treasury casks into their own pockets?

Lauzun's Legion Garrisons Wilmington DE

After Yorktown an uneasy peace settled over the U.S. British troops still occupied several cities, and the British navy could attack annywhere on the East Coast. A French mixed cavalry-infantry force was stationed as a mobile force to suport the U.S. garrisons in Philadelphia and Baltimore. What was it like to have suddenly 600 foreign soldiers in town? Were they welcomed or shunned? Where were their 300 horses stabled?

Engaging the Public in the W3R - a New National Historic Trail

How did the idea of increasing public awareness of the 1778 U.S-French Alliance grow into a national movement to establish a new National Historic Trail? Follow the growth of the W3R-US from the development of its name to the signing of Public Law 111-11.