Audio Tour of the W3R® through Baltimore
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2017-05-11 Audio Tour of the W3R® through Baltimore
We are proud to announce the first smart-phone app (Apple, Android and Windows) with a virtual story-teller accompanying you on a tour that roughly follows the route of the French army through Baltimore in 1781. Stories about the march and the historic sites in the area are told at twenty-four sites along the way. This is a good one-afternoon adventure to help children learn about their city or for a tourist who wants to learn about the history of Baltimore during the Revolutionary War.
Audio Tour of the W3R® through Baltimore [i.z.i. TRAVEL]
This project was funded by a grant from the MuseWeb Foundation -- Thank you! The mobile apps are available free via links at the bottom of the linked web page.

2017-04-30 Our historic trail helps local economies: A recent NPS report notes that our national parks adds some 35 B$ in value added to the economies of the areas within 60 miles of the parks.
See The Value of National Parks System [New York History Blog]
What does it cost the taxpayer? The NPS has a submitted a 2017 Federal Budget request of 4.3 B$ for park operation, acquisition, preservation, maintenance, rehabilitation, construction,
For details, see The NPS 2017 Federal Budget Request [NPS website]

Sample Auto Tour Route for Delaware

If you have the GoogleEarth® application loaded on your computer you can get an aerial view of the W3R® trail through Delaware. Right-click on the link below and download that file to your computer.
You may then click on the file in a directory listing to open it with GoogleEarth.