French Army Arrival Campsite in Newport


E Bowery St. and Middleton Ave., Newport, Rhode Island
Newport, RI 2840

Who?:  French
Units:  Bourbonnois, Soissonnois, Saintonge, Royal Deux-Ponts Regiments of Infantry, Auxonne Artillery and Lauzun’s Legion
Direction:  north
Destination:  Encamped outside Newport, Rhode Island, prior to entering winter quarters in November 1780
Date:  July-November 1780
Public Access:  1
Phone Number:  

Following their arrival in Newport, French forces camped outside the city until November 1, 1780; the infantry entered winter-quarters in Newport, the hussars of Lauzun’s Legion of Lauzun’s Legion in Lebanon, Connecticut. Rochambeau’s troops left Newport for Providence on June 11/12, 1781.

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