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History of French Aid
  1755-63: Loss of Canada
  1768-77: Covert Aid to U.S.
  1778-79: D'Estaing's Cruise
  1780: Rochambeau to RI
  1781: Global Warfare
  1780-1781: W&R Wait & Plan
  Overview of the March South
    RI   MA   CT   NY   NJ
    PA   DE   MD/DC   VA
    Sea, Siege, & Surrender
  1782: Global Warfare
  1783: Peace Treaties
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Rosters and Lists
  French Regts and Ships
  French Rosters (40,000)
  French Casualties
Aid from Other Nations
  Spanish Regts and Ships
  Spanish Rosters (a few)
  Amerindian Nations
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