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Research Reports on the W3R® 

Most of the states along the W3R® have contracted with a professional historian to search through archival collections to identify and catalog their documentary and architectural resources related to the W3R® in that state. This research is then summarized in a report that details the historic route through that state, includes highlights of the documents placed in their historical context, and provides maps and photographs of the historic sites and buildings along the route.

Area Report Name and Description
NPS Docs Full-Route  The NPS Park Planning Site has PDF files of the main study documents prior to 2003:
  • Public Response Document and cover letter
  • W3R® Study and Environmental Assessment, appendices, errata
  • Historic Route Map
  • Detailed Map of Potential National Historic Trail
Statement of Historical Significance of the W3R® (2003) [PDF]
W3R® Resource Study and Environmental Assessment (October 2006) [PDF]
Concise draft statements of the Mission, Vision, Themes, and Objectives of the ®-NHT [PDF] developed from four NPS / W3R®-US Strategic Planning Meetings held in 2010. (published in 2011 Jan)
MA Research project started November 2012.
RI   The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route in the State of Rhode Island, 1780-1783 -- An Historical And Architectural Survey, by Dr. Robert A. Selig (funded by the State of Rhode Island, 2006, updated 2015)
  • Part 1 [1 MB PDF] Table of Contents, Introduction, Historical Overview
  • Part 2a [55 MB PDF] The Expedition Particuliere on the Way to Rhode Island
  • Part 2b [38 MB PDF] Feeding Mars
  • Part 3a [64 MB PDF] The March South to Yorktown (Part 1)
  • Part 3b [35 MB PDF] The March South to Yorktown (Part 2)
  • Part 3c [35 MB PDF] The March North from Yorktown
  • Part 4 [<1 MB PDF] Select Bibliography
  • Append 1 [2 MB PDF] List of Resources
  • Append 2a [20 MB PDF] Resources 01 through 17
  • Append 2b [17 MB PDF] Resources 18 through 36
  • Append 2c [29 MB PDF] Resources 37 through 65
  • Append 3 [24 MB PDF] Roadmaps and Campsite Maps
  • Append 4 [<1 MB PDF] A Note on Making Peace on the Global Scale
  • Append 5 [<1 MB PDF] Global Implications of the Peace of Paris
  • Append 6 [5 MB PDF] Eighteenth-Century Currencies
CT All the following are by Dr. Robert A. Selig. 
Vol 1: Rochambeau in Connecticut: Tracing His Journey (1999)
Vol 2: Rochambeau's Cavalry: Lauzun's Legion (1999)
Vol. 3. The Archaeological report of the road followed and the encampments used throughout Connecticut by the Rochambeau French Army in 1781-1782
     The first two may be purchased from the CT Historical Commission, 59 South Prospect Street, Hartford, CT 06106. The third -- which includes maps and photographs of the historic sites and buildings along the route -- is not or sale, but is available in some Connecticut libraries.
NY   The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route in the State of New York, 1781-1782 -- An Historical And Architectural Survey, by Dr. Robert A. Selig (2001) The print version has been converted to an almost-identical W3R®-NY report: online version
NJ The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route  in the State of New Jersey, 1781-1783: An Historical and Architectural Survey, by Dr. Robert A. Selig (New Jersey Historic Trust, 2006). See the descriptions and links to the three volumes.
PA The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route  in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1781-1783: An Historical and Architectural Survey, by Dr. Robert A. Selig (W3R® in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Inc., 2007).
description and links to PDF files [W3R®-US site]
DE The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route  in the State of Delaware, 1781-1783 -- An Historical And Architectural Survey, by Dr. Robert A. Selig (State of Delaware, Dover, Delaware, 2003) The report includes a list of "deactivated" legionnaires -- those members of Lauzun's Legion who remained in the United States due to death, desertion, or discharge (completion of enlistment).
MD / DC  Marching to Victory - a Guide to the Yorktown Campaign through Maryland and the District of Columbia, by Robert Reyes and Nicholas Fry, 56 pages, (Maryland and District of Columbia Societies, Sons of the American Revolution, 2007).
report as updated in 2007 Nov (a 2 M PDF file) [W3R®-US site]
To order a printed copy visit and use the Contact Us link to send an e-mail request for purchase. The 2013 price is $37.80, including shipping and Maryland sales ta.
VA A series of county studies was being funded   by the State of Virginia. Funding ceased in 2011 due to state budgetary restrictions.
Initial Summary, 2007 [PDF] see pp 47-55, by Dr. Robert A. Selig
The reports for completed counties are available only at the
Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

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Web articles on the Washington-Rochambeau
Revolutionary Route 

The Expèdition Particuliére Commemorative Cantonment Society (EPCCS) has posted a description of the Expèdition Particuliére (or E.P., the French Expeditionary Force) in the English language and la meme chose, en Franšaise
The (EPCCS) site also has
-- a one-page overview of the route and the stops
-- an extended chronological description of the regional strategy and of the movements of the French forces from 1780 July (starting in RI) to 1781 Sept (ending in VA)
-- encampments from Providence to Yorktown described in a one-page brochure with a map and a list of the dates and locations
-- the Washington-Rochambeau Route in Virginia
-- the French baggage train route in Virginia
-- a webpage on the Yorktown Campaign
-- the French Army's 1781-82 Winter Camps in Virginia
-- French Army's 1782 march north in Virginia

For the route through New Jersey see the book by Carol Greene

A strategic overview of the Yorktown campaign, by Ray Maxson [North Carolina Society SAR]

NPS = National Park Service  has a special project area for the W3R® at, including

  • Developing the W3R® as a National Historic Trail (2001, PDF slides)
  • Statement of Historical Significance of the W3R® (2003)
  • W2R Study and Environmental Assessment (October 2006)
  • several newsletters tracing the study's progress

The Redwood Library (Newport RI) has posted a helpful bibliography for Ternay and Rochanbeau in RI

Walk Where They Fought: Path to Victory!, by Barnet Schecter and Robert A. Selig, is an article in The Armchair General. The first section is a concise and well-illustrated discussion of the strategic issues with which the generals and admirals wrestled during the spring and summer of 1781. The second section is a list of the historic sites and interpretive markers related to the W3R® in each of the nine states along the route.

See several other books by Robert A. Selig: Hussars in Lebanon, March to Victory, En Avant with Our French Allies
and see his work in the Research Report area

Web articles on France and
the American Revolution 

A basic resource text is the book by by Jonathan R. Dull.

The Expèdition Particuliére's Web site describes in detail French military efforts outside of the United States during 1778-1783, for example:
      French naval actions worldwide
      French regiments worldwide
      "Lafayette, Franklin, and the Coming of Rochambeau's Army", by Jonathan R. Dul (1980)

The 2004 Yorktown Day speech by Jacques de Trentinian described the global importance of Yorktown. [France Society SAR]

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Maps of the W3R® 

The Library of Congress has put online the Rochambeau Map Collection -- over a hundred maps (drawn during 1780-83) from the personal collection of Gen. Rochambeau. Maps for the area travelled by the French Expeditionary Force are noted below: (numbers refer to Collection order):
--- overview of the whole route (65), 40 maps of the campsites (67),
--- MA (14), RI (38-41, 42-44), CT (7), NY (21-33), NJ (18-20),
--- PA (37), DE (8), MD (8, 12, 13), VA (50-64).

Rutgers University has a cartography site with a detailed sepia map of the route. They grant permission solely to view the map image, not to download or to print it.

At one time the History Department of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point had posted about fifty Revolutionary War maps scanned at high-resolution (as both GIF and EPS files). for download and view at any magnification. That index was at

Many RevWar maps are available from American Revolution resources [Online Schools] (recommended by Tabby Brookes 2010-10-27).

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