Museums, Parks, and Historic Homes 
are Pearls along the W3R Chain

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The W3R is a 680-mile trail (with some subsidiary trails attached)
from Boston MA and Newport RI via Providence RI, Hartford CT,
White Plains NY, Trenton NJ, Philadelphia PA, Wilmington DE, Baltimore MD,
and Washington DC to Yorktown Virginia. We call the W3R a "string of pearls"
because along this route are many Revolutionary War sites, parks, and museums
which present a wider context and story of the American struggle for liberty
and independence -- a struggle that succeeded with significant help from France.

NOTE: Much of this is under construction as of 2009 August.

State lists of pearls (in state order along the route from north to south):
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Key W3R Locations in Rhode Island 

The American Revolution Center  

This 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to engaging the public in the history and significance of the American Revolution and its enduring legacy. Over the course of a century, The American Revolution Center and its predecessor, the Valley Forge Historical Society, has assembled a rich collection of objects, art, manuscripts, and rare books from the period of the American Revolution.
| In late June 2009, The American Revolution Center (ARC) and the National Park Service (NPS) signed an historic land exchange agreement whereby 78 acres of land owned by ARC in Valley Forge were exchanged for a parcel of land at Third and Chestnut Streets within Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia. A dynamic new website, funded by the Lehrman Institute and the Hertog Foundation now connects visitors to the extensive ARC collection of Revolutionary War artifacts and modern educational resources.
| The Web site includes an interactive timeline on which visitors can virtually "handle" artifacts, videos about the history and significance of the objects, a short quiz, lesson plans, and links to over 70 websites providing content on the American Revolution (including the W3R-US). There are opportunities for adding lesson plans on the extensive diplomatic, financial, and military aid that France provided to the U.S. from 1775 through 1783.