W3R® Heritage Tour in Virginia 

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For history details see allied march to Yorktown in 1781, and French return from VA in 1782.

A Note about "Official" W3R Routes

A Note about "Official" W3R Routes
NPS Historic Map for MD-DC-upperVA [TIFF file]
NPS Historic Map for midVA [TIFF file]
NPS Historic Map for lowerVA [TIFF file]
NPS draft tour maps for all states

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The W3R route from Mount Vernon to Yorktown has been designated the "Washington-Rochambeau Highway" and is marked as specified by the Virginia General Assembly in 1980 Session 9 Chapter 121 H 93.

The Expédition Particulière Commemorative Cantonment Society has posted photos of many of Virginia's W3R historical roadside markers.

Other Revolutionary-Era Sites

  • Charlottesville (prison camp for British troops)
  • Mount Vernon (Washington's estate),
  • Williamsburg (the colonial capitol).
  • Yorktown (siege and victory)

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