The W3RŪ of Delaware
Washington - Rochambeau National Historic Trail


The W3R ® -DE continues the celebration of the trail through events such as in-classroom presentations, dedications and other external activities throughout Delaware.


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are - April 5, 2014

On Saturday morning, April 5th a well-attended ceremony at Pencader and Cooch’s Bridge Battlefield was held which included the inauguration of a Memorial Plaque dedicated to Rochambeau and the French Army who along with the Colonial Army, camped and passed here. W3R ® -DE in collaboration with many partners including the Cooch family; Pencader Heritage Area Association; elected officials; Alliance Française de Wilmington; the Association of Teachers of French - Delaware Chapter; and too many organizations and individuals to name here helped organize and participate in the event. The event was supported by matching funds from an NPS Challenge Cost Share Grant from W3R ® -US. Honorary French Consul Michael Sculin was the special guest representing the French Govt. Two reenactors from America’s March to Yorktown, Rose Morin and David Holloway, travelled from Connecticut to attend. For more news and to see photos of the memorial, speakers, and attendees, please visit here. Photo Gallery
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Professor Robert Selig, renowned Colonial American History Scholar, spoke at the Delaware Sängerbund. The German Regiment fought with General Rochambeau's French Army in support of Washington's troops in 1781. The unit was the Royal-Deux Ponts. Few realize both armies marched through Delaware en route to Yorktown and camped at Cooch’s Bridge. Wade Catts introduced the Professor. Judge Richard Cooch made a special presentation from the Rochambeau family in Paris. The event was sponsored by a consortium of Delaware Historical Groups including the W3R ® -DE, Alliance Française Delaware, Delaware Sängerbund, and Pencader Heritage Area Association. Photo Gallery

Dr. Robert Selig Speaks on the German Regiment - April 30, 2016

Rochambeau Family Visit Cooch Estate, Dela


are - October 5, 2014

Descendants of General Rochambeau visited Delaware at the site of the Cooch’s Bridge Battlefield and Cooch estate. In cooperation with Cooch Family and the Delaware Françoise Alliance, the W3R ® -DE welcomed the Rochambeau Society to Delaware. Representing the Society were M. Philippe and Mme. Natalie (Rochambeau) de Gouberville and M. Debbouze, assisted by Ms. Nicole Yancey of Virginia. They were given a tour of the Cooch Battlefield and Pencader Museum. Following a visit to the newly installed Rochambeau/French Army Monument on the battlefield, Judge Richard Cooch and his Step-Mother entertained our French guests at a reception in their home. Following the reception the guests treated to fine dining at a local restaurant provided by the W3R ® -Delaware. Photo Gallery