Washington - Rochambeau National Historic Trail
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-Delaware 2017 Membership Drive

We would like to share with you, the supporters of Delaware Revolution War History, events we have hosted over the past several years, as well as the projects and events scheduled for 2017. Our mission is to celebrate and remind Delawareans of the deep bond between the nations of France and America as a result of their tremendous support during the American Revolution. The French Army and General Rochambeau's critical role in 1781 at the battle of Yorktown greatly assisted our country in her final steps toward independence. Just in the past three years, the W3R ® -DE has sponsored a series of events celebrating our country’s deep thanks.  •In 2014, we erected a stone memorial on the Cooch’s Bridge Battlefield honoring General Rochambeau. In attendance were  were the French Counsel General. •In 2015, we co-hosted the Rochambeau family at the Cooch’s Bridge Battlefield and the Cooch homestead.   Both of these events were supported by the Cooch Family, the Alliance Française de Wilmington and Pencader Heritage Assoc. •In 2016, we sponsored a seminar on the Rev. War hosted by the Delaware Saengerbund. Key speaker was reknown historian  Professor Robert Selig. And in collaboration with the U.S. National Park Service, developed new W3R ® -DE map. Looking forward.... In 2017, we will host a ceremony in Christiana, DE on the W3R ®  Trail, for the unvailing of several State historical markers. We will continue our mission of education about the Trail. We believe it is vital to ensure future interest and participation in keeping this part of our history alive. Programs have been developed to aid Delaware history teachers from elementary through high school to include in their curriculum. This letter serves as the long awaited kick-off of the 2017 membership drive. If you support our Historical Preservation endeavors, please consider joining us, as we march forward. Thank you, Bill Conley Chair © 2017 W3R®-DE

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