Audio Tour of the W3R® through Baltimore
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! ! ! N-O-T-I-C-E ! ! ! We are developing an exciting new website with an interactive map, links to dozens of websites of historic sites and parks along the way, and a portal to announce upcoming events related to the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route.
We plan to launch the new W3R®-US website in late July.

2017-06-17 (Saturday) Peekskill NY -- Dedication of a New W3R® Marker
The W3R®-NY has worked with the National Park Service (which paid for the signs), the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, and the Hudson River Valley Greenway to design and fabricate fifteen signs related to the W3R®. The latest sign to be installed is at Peekskill NY. The ceremony will be about an hour-and-a-half long. The Town of Peeksill has also scheduled a Juneteenth Parade in the same locale, immediately following this dedication.
See Events 2017 for details

2017-05-11 Audio Tour of the W3R® through Baltimore
We are proud to announce the first smart-phone app (Apple, Android and Windows) with a virtual story-teller accompanying you on a tour that roughly follows the route of the French army through Baltimore in 1781. Stories about the march and the historic sites in the area are told at twenty-four sites along the way. This is a good one-afternoon adventure to help children learn about their city or for a tourist who wants to learn about the history of Baltimore during the Revolutionary War.
Audio Tour of the W3R® through Baltimore [i.z.i. TRAVEL]
This project was funded by a grant from the MuseWeb Foundation -- Thank you! The mobile apps are available free via links at the bottom of the linked web page.

2017-04-30 Our historic trail helps local economies: A recent NPS report notes that our national parks adds some 35 B$ in value added to the economies of the areas within 60 miles of the parks.
See The Value of National Parks System [New York History Blog]
What does it cost the taxpayer? The NPS has a submitted a 2017 Federal Budget request of 4.3 B$ for park operation, acquisition, preservation, maintenance, rehabilitation, construction,
For details, see The NPS 2017 Federal Budget Request [NPS website]

Sample Auto Tour Route for Delaware

If you have the GoogleEarth® application loaded on your computer you can get an aerial view of the W3R® trail through Delaware. Right-click on the link below and download that file to your computer.
You may then click on the file in a directory listing to open it with GoogleEarth.