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Legend for the Map Above:
WHITE = main army land route, BLACK =state boundaries, GREY = sailing route
BLUE = major rivers or French fleet route; YELLOW = British fleet route

A Note about "Official" W3R® Routes

Maps of the Historic Route and Modern Tour Routes 

This NPS W3R®-NHT site has a high-definition map from the Library of Congress. This detailed map of the entire route was drawn by French cartographers after the 1781 Yorktown battle and is based on contemporary field drawings and reports. Included in the NPS site is an on-line magnifier.

In 2010 the National Park Service published a limited number of spiral-bound booklets containing nine, full-color, 6" by 9.5" maps that show enough detail to see what towns and modern roads are near the historic W3R®-NHT network of paths taken by the allied armies in 1781. To make these maps more accessible to the public we have posted them on the W3R®-US Website as 200 DPI TIFF files. You may download and print them for personal use. If your browser does not open the files download them and see if a photo viewer application (such as Windows Picture and FAX Viewer) will open them.
In May 2011 the National Park Service created a series of GoogleMaps® showing draft auto tour routes along the W3R®-NHT. To make these maps more accessible to the public we have posted below links to those maps. These are draft maps for discussion as we move toward development of a final route. At present only a small portion of the route has wayfinding signs and interpretive markers.
NPS draft tour maps for all states

NPS Passport Stamps for Sites along the W3R®  

NPS Passport stamps [Wikipedia] for the W3R®-NHT are now available at
  • MA: Boston National Historical Park
  • NJ: Morristown National Historic Park
  • PA: Independence National Historic Park (Philadelphia)
  • MD: Thomas Stone National Historic Site
  • DC: National Mall
  • DC: National Capital Parks
  • VA: Prince William Forest Park
  • VA: George Washington Birthplace National Monument
  • VA: Colonial National Historical Park Visitor Center (Yorktown).
Other historic sites located along the W3R® that wish to provide the public with an NPS passport stamp and brochures for the W3R®-NHT should contact Phil Correll at Phil_Correll@nps.gov

Commercial Guided Tours  

NOTE: Reference to any commercial service is for the purposes of identification and user convenience and is not an endorsement or approval by the W3R®-US of that service. The tour companies listed here are not connected with the W3R®-US, have not paid to have the notes and links posted here, do not provide funding to the W3R®-US, and have not been fully evaluated by the W3R®-US. This section has information about guided tours that visit sites and present narratives related to the U.S.-French alliance of 1778-1783.

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