94 Acres Saved at Saratoga & Newtown!


243 years ago today, the Continental Congress representing all 13 American colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence to proclaim themselves independent from Great Britain. But gaining sovereignty wasn’t as simple as declaring it – the colonies would have to fight for 5 more long years to gain their freedom from British rule.

And fight they would. In Brooklyn. In Trenton. At Cowpens, Charleston and Yorktown. And at the Battles of Saratoga and Newtown in New York State, where Trust supporters like you can now declare victory on saving 94 acres of Revolutionary hallowed ground.

Thanks to the generosity of modern-day patriots, these 94 acres will help generations present and future better understand the rich, complex story of our nation’s founding. Just like those brave citizen soldiers who risked life and limb to make the Declaration of Independence more than words, you keep fighting to preserve our country’s legacy.

I truly can’t thank eveyone enough for your continued dedication to this cause. I hope this Independence Day you’ll take a moment to reflect on the part you play in safeguarding our great nation’s history.

With gratitude,

James Lighthizer
American Battlefield Trust

P.S. Thanks to an innovative partnership with the National Park Service and a nonprofit called American Veterans Archeology Recovery, the acquisition at Saratoga also supports the brave soldiers who fight for our freedom today. Visit our website to learn more.

Thanks again!

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