Ingrid E. Wood (CT)

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Ingrid E. Wood, Town Historian for Columbia, Connecticut and W3R-US Board Member is actively involved in eastern Connecticut’s history community as well as patriotic, scholarly, and cultural organizations such as The American Friends of Lafayette, American Society for 18th Century Studies, and the Connecticut Historical Society, among others. Previously she served in financial and administrative leadership roles in several NGOs and small not-for- profits. She is a frequent contributor to local tourism and human interest articles and a guest speaker. As a local “town history ambassador” she provides outreach to scholars, high school, and local students, visitors, and Dartmouth alumni on the “Great Awakening” and Eleazar Wheelock’s Indian Charity School in Lebanon Crank, now Columbia. Her avocational interest is 18th century American history studies. She is co-author of Images of America – Columbia (2013), Arcadia Press.

Ingrid graduated from Bryn Mawr College with an AB in Chemistry, and later acquired LOMA certification in the Financial Services industry. She attended University of Rochester and MIT technical and executive business programs. She served in various IT managerial and executive positions at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY; Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, NJ; New England Life Company in Boston, MA; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Ingrid’s interest in the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route came about not long after she retired to a new (old) house in Connecticut in 2008. By 2011 she became active in historic preservation in the Intercommunity Historic Resources Committee chaired by Hans DePold of Bolton, Connecticut to prevent the destruction of eastern Connecticut’s W3R campsites and routes, including further encroachment on Columbia’s historic green on which she lives.

Ingrid is presently assisting with advocacy in Connecticut to increase public awareness and annual funding for W3R and WARO. This on-going, mission-critical project with Ellen von Karajan and W3R Consultant Brad Fay would surely benefit from her continuing contributions and involvement as W3R-US Board member.