Podcast Amazing Tales CT with Mike Allen, featuring Dr. Robert Selig, to cover Washington & Rochambeau



On August 17th, Amazing Tales CT will be releasing a new podcast which delves into Washington’s rides through the area, and his time spent strategizing alongside Rochambeau at what is now the Webb-Deane-Stevens house! W3R-US’s own Dr. Robert Selig contributed greatly to this episode, providing his research, insights and wisdom – be sure not to miss!

You can listen to the podcast and find more episodes here!

Amazing Tales is hosted by retired journalist and noted story-teller Mike Allen. He discusses various places and events from Connecticut history, and ties them into broader narratives of national and international significance.

“You certainly don’t have to be from Connecticut to enjoy these episodes – you just need to love a good story” ~ Mike Allen

To hear other episodes featuring Dr. Robert Selig, simply go to:

  • Episodes #24 and #25 (Jan 27, 2022 and Feb 3, 2022) where the Rochambeau Trail itself is highlighted in a two-part series
  • Episode #83 (Mar 23, 2023) where the topic is Lauzun’s Legion encampment in Lebanon, CT.

For additional episodes featuring some aspect of the Revolutionary War, you can listen to:

  • Episodes #18 and #19 (Dec 16, 2021 and Dec 20, 2021) for a two-part series on the British attack on Danbury
  • Episode #56 (Sep 15, 2022) on the Battle of Ridgefield
  • Episode #60 (Oct 13, 2022) on the discovery of four likely British soldier skeletons in a mass grave in Ridgefield
  • Episode #65 (Nov 17, 2022) on the British attack on New Haven
  • Episode #69 (Dec 15, 2022) on the Connecticut Second Light Dragoons
  • Episode #75 (Jan 26, 2023) on Nathan Hale
  • Episode #91 (May 18, 2023) on missing Revolutionary War treasure allegedly buried in the state
  • Episode #100 (Jul 7, 2023) featuring an interview with Rochambeau’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson, Raphael de Gouberville, who still lives in Rochambeau’s house in France
  • Episode #102 (Aug 3, 2023) featuring Benedict Arnold’s childhood and the issues he faced that likely played a role in shaping his treasonous behavior
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