American Revolutionary War Recent Book Releases & Sale


Newly Released Books 

Free Shipping on all Books (about a $5 Savings) and our Prices are very Comparable if not Lower than other big book sellers. Plus your purchase helps supports our cause of preserving, educating and promoting America’s History. Thank you!


Please Click Here to Order America’s First Soldiers

$26.95 ($29.95 – $3 Savings)


Please Click Here to Order American Inheritance

$28.50 ($32.50 – $4 Savings)


Please Click Here to Order From the Battlefield to the Stage

$32.95 ($37.95 – $5 Savings)

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Please Click Here to Order Revolutionary Roads

$28.00 ($32.00 – $5 Savings)


Please Click Here to Order East Florida in the Revolutionary Era, 1763–1785: Britain’s Fifteenth Colony

$24.95 ($22.95 – $2 Savings)


Please Click Here to Order Revolutionary War Defenses in Rhode Island

$39.95 ($36.95 – $3 Savings)


Please Click Here to Order The Extraordinary Journey of David Ingram

$29.95 ($26.95 – $3 Savings)


Please Click Here to Order Carolina Loyalist: The Revolutionary War Life of Colonel David Fanning

$39.95 ($35.95 – $4 Savings)


Please Click Here to Order The Sugar Act and the American Revolution

$27.00 ($30.00 – $3 Savings)


Please Click Here to Order Journal of a French Quartermaster on the March to Yorktown June 16-October 6, 1781



Please Click Here to Order No Man Knows This Country Better

$59.95 ($49.95 – $10 Savings)

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Please Click Here to Browse our Black History Section

Members Save an additional 10% with discount code – Please Click Here to become a member.

Thank you for supporting the Fort Plain Museum & Historical Park, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All book sale proceeds go to historic preservation, artifact acquisition, exhibit building and educational programming.

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