Battle of Rhode Island Association Announces Partnership with the Newport Historical Society


The Battle of Rhode Island Association (BoRIA) solidified a web partnership with the Newport Historical Society (NHS). Founded in 1854, the purpose of the NHS is to collect, document, and preserve Newport’s unique contribution to our national narrative over the course of five centuries. Their continuing mission is to chronicle, advocate for the importance of, and communicate this history to a broad audience, so that knowledge of our past will contribute to a deeper understanding of the present and better preparation for the future.

BoRIA Director Joe Studlick remarked “We’re excited to be working with the Newport Historical Society whose mission mirrors our goals of informing and educating about both Rhode Island and Newport’s Revolutionary War history. They are one of the leading historical societies in the state and nation.”

The Battle of Rhode Island Association is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to raising awareness of Rhode Island’s role in the War for Independence. Donations may be made payable to “BoRIA” at PO Box 626, Portsmouth, RI 02871.

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