Blanche Hunnewell

W3R-US Corresponding Secretary

Lifetime Membership

Long term, sincere supporter

I have a deep and abiding interest in history, especially the American Revolution. My affection for this era arises from the birth of Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality for all, as defined and carried forward by America and France.  I am fluent in French, and travel frequently to France, where I have family. With a good understanding of both French and American history and protocols, I bring a unique and valuable perspective to the W3R Board, and, of course, fluency in the French language.

I believe that communication is essential to the success of W3R and worked this past summer and autumn along with Janet Burnet to recover and share W3R archived and current contact information so that W3R can communicate effectively among ourselves and with others. My goal will be to refine our list and reach out to W3R members and affiliate organizations to increase support and participation to previous levels.

Service to Community and Children

My respect for the French and American pursuit of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality is mirrored in my personal volunteer work, which has focused on improving and elevating the opportunities of individuals and families who are in need. I continue today, as throughout my life, to volunteer with organizations such as:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Guardian ad litem services — Charleston, S.C. family court system
  • YMCA
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Board Member, Northwest Connecticut EMS Council
  • CPR instructor and EMT volunteer
  • Boston College Volunteers, travels for disaster aid: Jamaica and New Orleans after Katrina
  • Help for the needy and homeless: Soup Kitchen, Shelter, Family Pantry

Education: Boston College, BA, French Literature