Commemoration of the 240th anniversary of the Yorktown victory


Consul General Francois Penguilly visited Yorktown, Virginia on October 19 to celebrate the 240th anniversary of Yorktown’s victory.

240 years ago, on October 19, 1781, the Battle of Yorktown ended, after 21 days of fighting. Won by the American troops led by George Washington, with the support of General Lafayette and the decisive help of the French expeditionary force, placed under the command of General Rochambeau, as well as the decisive support of Admiral de Grasse, this victory sealed the end of land fighting and paved the way for the effective independence of the United States.

Accompanied by members of the “American Friends of La Fayette”, the “Friends of Rochambeau” and the “National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route W3R”, the Consul General paid tribute to the French soldiers who lost their lives in the siege of Yorktown , by laying a wreath in the French cemetery, located in the heart of the national historic park. He then went to the French memorial of the Franco-American Alliance in Yorktown to meditate alongside French and American military representatives.

On the occasion of the “Yorktown Day” festivities, he then attended reenactments of scenes from the daily life of soldiers at the American Revolution Museum .

Finally, as part of the traditional Patriotic Exercises organized in front of the Yorktown Victory Monument by the Yorktown Day Association and the National Parks Service, the Consul General took the floor to underline the importance of the Yorktown victory, which sealed the victory. historic Franco-American alliance and paved the way for the independence of the United States, thanks to the decisive support of France.

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