Day 12 of the W3R-US Bike and Kayak Tour!

Bike and Kayak Tour – Day 12: Sal and I drove back to Baltimore for the official start of today’s 38-mile cycling trek at the Washington Monument.
Following the Old Post Road (now Generals Highway) to the State House in Annapolis, we photographed three markers at sites significant to Washington and Rochambeau – Spurrier’s Tavern, the road through Crownsville and Belvoir.
The State House, built in 1772, has seen a lot of history significant in the life of the young United States.
We gathered for a group photo and Hector L. Diaz, portraying General Bernardo de Galvez, commander of Spanish forces in Louisiana that captured a British force in May 1781, showed his sword to Sal and me.
Our route took us past a mural near an entrance to the U.S. Naval Academy.
After lunch at the Middleton Tavern, we paid our respects at a 1911 monument on the campus of Saint John’s College honoring the French soldiers and sailors who helped the United States win their independence.
We are spending the night in Annapolis and leave in the morning for George Washington’s Mount Vernon in Virginia.
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