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Communicating for Inclusion: A Conversation on Centering Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Corps

March 01, 2023
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM


Join our friends at The Corps Network for this free webinar on inclusion, diversity and equity within the Corps!


Session Description:

Many cultures have history and traditions around preserving nature and connecting with the outdoors. However, the mainstream conservation and outdoor recreation fields have historically lacked diversity. In a world where there has long been a dominant, non-inclusive story about who participates in environmental conservation and outdoor activities, how can Corps welcome, honor, and empower a more diverse population of Corpsmembers? What does it look like when your organizational culture centers diversity, equity and inclusion? How can Corps ensure they are messaging through an equity lens? In this session, we’ll have an honest discussion about examining misconceptions, addressing barriers and biases, and taking action to build a Corps program that reflects a range of perspectives and celebrates different stories about the meaning of community and conservation. We will talk about the work it takes to recruit, welcome, and support a diverse generation of Corpsmembers with care and authenticity.



Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Build a better understanding of barriers to the outdoors and why there has historically been a lack of diversity in how the “mainstream” conservation and outdoor recreation fields are managed and portrayed.
  2. Gain context for reflecting on certain biases or misconceptions that may affect how your organization has approached efforts to recruit BIPOC young adults and build relationships with communities of color.
  3. Gain insights for not only recruiting a more diverse Corpsmember base, but retaining and supporting Corpsmembers and staff who identify as persons of color.


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