Native American Government and Sovereignty: Narrated by Brianna Dagostino

1719 William Trent House 15 Market St, Trenton, New Jersey

Meet the scriptwriter and narrator of our newest video Saturday, November 18, at 12 noon!

In recognition of Native American Heritage Month, Brianna Dagostino will provide an overview of the Lenape people of New Jersey and introduce the video she researched, scripted, and narrated on "Native American Government & Sovereignty."

“The People Between:” Native Americans in a Revolutionary Era with Dr. R. Scott Stephenson

In honor of National Native American Heritage Month, Revolution Society and George Washington Council members are invited to an exclusive behind-the-scenes presentation by Museum President and CEO, Dr. R. Scott Stephenson. Prior to leading the Museum’s exhibitions and interpretation development in 2007-2018, Stephenson developed and collaborated on exhibits, films, and interpretive programs for numerous historical sites and organizations, including Colonial Williamsburg, the Smithsonian, the Canadian War Museum, the National Park Service, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the Heinz History Center, and the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.

Moses Williams: Cutter of Profiles Exhibition Reception

The Peale 225 Holiday Street, Baltimore, MD, United States

A new exhibit about the prolific "cutter of profiles" the artist Moses Williams is opening at The Peale. Moses Williams was born ca. 1776 and was known for his ability to create detailed silhouettes (or "profiles") of people's faces. Williams was born enslaved to the artist and museum director Charles Willson Peale and grew up working in Peale's Philadelphia museum. Williams' story will now be told at the Peale Museum in Baltimore founded by Rembrandt Peale.

Maryland Historical Trust’s Virtual Roadshow


MHT will be hosting a virtual roadshow all about our financial incentive programs. Come along to hear from staff representing the African American Heritage Preservation Program, the Historic Preservation Capital Grants Program, the Historic Preservation Non-Capital Grants Program, the Maryland Heritage Areas Grant Program, and the Maryland Historic Revitalization Tax Credit Program.

Deadline to Apply for Save America’s Treasures

The deadline to apply for Save America’s Treasures (SAT) is quickly approaching, the grant program is now accepting applications. The SAT program provides preservation and conservation assistance to nationally significant historic sites and collections. A dollar-for-dollar, non-Federal match, is required, this can be either cash or documented in-kind services.

Revealing the Route – A Revolutionary Christmas


Join Dr. Iris de Rode to explore the winter holiday traditions practiced by Americans and French soldiers during the War for Independence. Around the world, unique traditions help people find solace in the winter season. That was no different during the American Revolution! 

Trenton Eyewitness to the Revolution Collectible Card Release

1719 William Trent House 15 Market St, Trenton, New Jersey

The Trent House Association is preparing a set of collectible cards commemorating individuals who lived in Trenton during the Revolutionary War.

The full set of cards will tell the stories of renowned heroes and everyday citizens in revolutionary Trenton - African and European, enslaved and free, women and men, Loyalist and Patriot, elite and working class – revealing the diversity and complexity of civilian life during the War.

Hogmanay – A Celebration of the Scottish New Year

1719 William Trent House 15 Market St, Trenton, New Jersey

Hogmanay is the traditional celebration of the new year in Scotland and the William Trent House Museum commemorates Trent’s Scottish heritage with a Hogmanay program during Trenton’s Patriots Week.

Deadline to Apply for NPF 2024 Junior Ranger Angler

NPF is excited to announce a request for proposals to participate in the 2024 Junior Ranger Angler program. This program is designed to engage historically excluded audiences at national parks through activities related to fishing and waterway stewardship. Learn more and apply on the NPF website.