French Encampment in Windham, 5 – 7 November 1782

Historical Significance:

Camp 47 of the return march lay east of Windham rather than west as on the June 1781 march to White Plains and Yorktown. That day the two brigades joined “in frightful weather”, recorded Baron Closen. French troops camped here from 5-7 November 1782. The line-up shows all of Rochambeau’s infantry united there on 6 November, which was a day of rest.

Since each regimental camp was approx. 850 feet wide and this encampment consisted of four regiments plus their regimental artillery and wagons, it may well have stretched for close to one mile across the fields east of Windham.

The standard French infantry tent for nine men was about 10 pieds long and 6 pieds wide, i.e., 130 x 65 inches = 11×5.5 feet.
1 pied = 12.8 inches.

Rochambeau, Jean-Baptiste-Donatien De Vimeur, Comte De. Amérique Campagne. 1782. Map. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, (Accessed March 02, 2018.)

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