Campsite of Lauzun’s Legion, French Wagon Train and Artillery at Cummings Tavern


1195 Tome Highway
Woodlawn, MD 21904

Who?:  French
Units:  Lauzun's Legion, Wagon Train and artillery
Direction:  north
Destination:  Gloucester Courthouse, Virginia (hussars of Lauzun's Legion) and Yorktown, Virginia (Wagon Train and artillery)
Date:  September 9/10, 1781
Public Access:  1

Cummings Tavern was the site of the September 9/10, 1781, encampment of Rochambeau’s Wagon Train which took a detour to cross the Susquehanna at Bald Friar’s Ford. Today there a marker on the site along Maryland Route 276 north of Dr. Jack Road; the tavern itself is a private residence.