Continental Army Delaware River Crossing Campsite


Trenton, NJ

Who?:  American
Units:  All Continental Army units on their way to Yorktown consecutively
Direction:  north
Destination:  Yorktown, Virginia
Date:  August 31- September 1, 1781
Public Access:  1

The Lower Ferry was at the end of what was called Ferry Street, today’s South Warren Street; the Continental Army Camp was most likely along the west side of South Broad Street between Ferry and Federal Streets, but it is also possible that it was further south closer to Lamberton. During the late eighteenth century, there were three and sometimes four ferry locations on the Delaware in Trenton and Lamberton, but the two main ferries in use in 1781-1783 were the Trenton Ferry and Bond’s (or Lower) Ferry operated by Hugh Runyan in the 1780s. American and French forces camped close to, and made use of, this ferry located at the end of Ferry Street as well as the near-by ford to cross the river.