Continental Army Landing Sites at Christiana Bridge


Christiana, DE

Who?:  American
Units:  Continental Army
Direction:  north
Destination:  Elkton, Maryland (south) and Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania (North)
Date:  September 2/3, 1781 (south) and November 30, 1781 (North)
Public Access:  1

Following the Christina River past Newport, the first units of the Continental Army arrived at Christiana Bridge around midnight on September 2/3, 1781. Over the next few days, thousands more American troops landed to unload their equipment for portage to Elkton. The last troops departed in the morning of Sunday, September 9, 1781. Following the victory at Yorktown, the Continental Army departed from Yorktown in early November. The Second and 4th New York Regiments, which had left Yorktown on Sunday, November 4, camped at Christina Bridge on Friday, November 30, 1781. The following day, December 1, 1781, they crossed Delaware and camped at Marcus Hook in Pennsylvania, on their way to winter quarters in Pompton, New Jersey.