Continental Light Infantry Campsite in Philadelphia


30th St. Station, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Who?:  American
Units:  American Light Infantry
Direction:  north
Destination:  Yorktown, Virginia
Date:  September 2/3, 1781
Public Access:  1

On September 2, 1781, Jacob Hiltzheimer, Continental ADQMG in Philadelphia, wrote in his diary: “Accompanied Colonel Dearborn, deputy quartermaster, over Schuylkill, to select a site for an encampment.” Later that day, Lieutenant Reuben Sanderson of the Fifth Regiment of the Connecticut Line doing duty with Scammel’s Light infantry, “Marched throwd Philadelphia about five miles, encamped near the Schoelkill.” The exact location of the campsite is unknown but it was probably in the vicinity of the 30th Street Railroad Station.