French Army Campsite 26 (north) in Chester


Chester, PA

Who?:  French
Units:  Bourbonnois, Soissonnois, Saintonge, Royal Deux-Ponts plus campaign artillery and Lauzun's Legion consecutively
Direction:  north
Destination:  Crompond/Yorktown Heights, New York and from there to Boston, Massachusetts (French infantry) and winter quarters 1782/83 in Wilmington, Delaware (Lauzun's Legion)
Date:  August 29/30, 1782 (Lauzun's Legion), and August 30-September 1, 1782 (French infantry)
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Coming from Wilmington, Lauzun’s Legion is the first French unit to enter Pennsylvania and to encamp in Chester on August 29, 1782. Rochambeau’s infantry enters the camp at Chester, its twenty-sixth camp since departure from Williamsburg, Virginia, on July 1, 1782, on August 30, 1782.