French Army Campsite 27 (south) along the Schuylkill


Philadelphia, PA

Who?:  French
Units:  Bourbonnois, Soissonnois, Saintonge, Royal Deux-Ponts plus campaign artillery and Lauzun's Legion consecutively
Direction:  South
Destination:  Yorktown, Virginia (French infantry) and Gloucester Courthouse, Virginia (Lauzun's hussars)
Date:  September 3-6, 1781
Public Access:  Yes

The First Brigade of Rochambeau’s infantry leaves its camp at Red Lion Tavern on September 3, 1781, marches into Philadelphia, parades before Congress, and marches to its twenty-seventh camp since departure from their first camp in Providence, Rhode Island, on June 18, 1781, along the Schuykill on either side of Market Street. The Second Brigade of Rochambeau’s infantry leaves its camp in Trenton and crosses the Delaware River to its camp at the Red Lion Inn. It will parade before Congress through Philadelphia the next day.