French Wagon Train Campsite 7, and French Army Campsite 9 (north), in Bowling Green


Bowling Green, VA

Who?:  French
Units:  French Wagon Train in 1781, and French infantry in 1782
Direction:  north
Destination:  Yorktown, Virginia in 1781, Crompond/Yorktown Heights, New York and from there to Boston, Massachusetts in 1782.
Date:  French Wagon Train October 2/3, 1781, July 10-13, 1782 (French infantry)
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French forces under comte de Rochambeau camped here in Bowling Green on July 10-13, 1782, their ninth camp since departure from Williamsburg, Virginia,on July 1, 1782. French forces are on their march north to re-join the Continental Army outside New York City, New York.