Jefferson and Native Americans

Replica of a Mandan Buffalo Robe on display in Monticello’s Entrance Hall
Replica of a Mandan Buffalo Robe on display in Monticello’s Entrance Hall

In observance of National Native American History Month, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation invites you to explore their resources on Native American history at Monticello and Thomas Jefferson’s complex legacy regarding Indigenous peoples. Learn more about Jefferson’s varied views on Native Americans, the dynamics between colonists and Indigenous tribes, and the lasting impact of this history on our world today.

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Indigenous Peoples in North America with Heather Bruegl and Brandon Dillard

Watch this recently recorded livestream with Heather Bruegl (Oneida/Stockbridge-Munsee), public historian, activist, and independent consultant, and Monticello’s Director of Historic Interpretation Brandon Dillard (Cherokee Nation) as they discuss the complexities of collective memory toward Indigenous peoples in North America.

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Jefferson and Native Americans: A Long Legacy

Jefferson’s Enlightenment thought and his political career shaped relations between the U.S. and the various Indigenous nations in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and beyond. Explore their website articles about the connection between Jefferson and Native Americans before and after the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

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Jefferson’s American Indian Policies

This recorded livestream between Professor David Wilkins (Lumbee Nation) and Monticello’s Brandon Dillard (Cherokee Nation) explores Jefferson’s role in developing early U.S. policies towards Native Americans and how they shaped history.

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Peace & Friendship

This Monticello newsletter article relates how, as Virginia Governor during the Revolutionary War, Jefferson met with a Native American delegation to secure their cooperation against the British.

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Before Monticello, Monacans

Monacan Indians inhabited the area where Monticello is located before English colonists gradually displaced them. Visit this page of the Monacan Indian Nation to learn more about their history and their community as it survives today.

Monacan Nation


Hickory Syrup

Hickory Syrup, made for Monticello, is produced in small batches. Hickory extract is recognized as being used by Native Americans for its healing properties.

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