Lawrence Abell

Overview Community/ Leadership/ Volunteer Involvement

Lawrence Abell has a lifetime of Volunteerism and Leadership from his high school years to the present time. He has followed the call to volunteerism because passion for the causes that better the community and to answer the call of political leaders and service groups and organizations. His volunteerism include a variety of interests including the environment, education, historic preservation, sustainability, museums, housing needs, addressing senior community needs, political advocacy , and pro bono services to assist fledgling community groups. Mr. Abell believes that his career in planning and design has been the inspiration for much of the work that he has accomplished in the volunteer community. Mr. Abell believes that to be a good leader you must be a good follower, He has demonstrated many times that he is willing to assume leadership roles to get the work done for the community.


Lackey High School– Mr. Abell was active in high school activities, serving on the Student Council for four years and as President of the Student Council his senior year.  He served as a class officer each year in high school. He was a band member and a member of the glee club for 6 years and performed in the school theater.

University of Maryland
– Mr. Abell was in the Phi Kappa Tau  Fraternity and  served    as treasurer for 4 years and as a representative to the Inter Fraternity Governing Council. All while working through school

United States Navy
– Mr. Abell volunteered to serve the United States of America by servicing as an Officer in the United States Navy for 4 ½ years. His most prestigious medal was the Navy Commendation with a Combat V. He was also issued a ommendation by the Vietnamese Navy for his work in design and construction of Vietnamese Naval Facilities. Mr. Abell was quite honored to be responsible for the design of all Naval facilities during has tour in Vietnam. He was even more honored to be a prime participant in President Johnsons Nation Building Program. Mr. Abell Was awarded the Bronze cross with a combat V for his outstanding service in Vietnam.

Maryland Veterans Museum at Patriot Park
Mr. Abell has served on the Board of the Museum for 8 years, six of which have been President. Mr. Abell has lead the Museum from having no facility to develop and rehabbing an abandoned 20,000 sf school scheduled for demolition to an operating museum recognized as the Veterans Museum for the State of Maryland. Mr. Abell donated most of the architectural services, donated the construction management services to complete this facility for use. With his professional skills, he transformed a worthless building to a value of 42.5 M. In addition, there is about $.75 M in artifacts located in the Museum. The Museum is recognized locally, statewide and nationally bringing visitors from all areas. Mr. Abell has a great passion to show our nation’s history and the great sacrifices that so many individuals have made in service to our nation. Mr. Abell is quite pleased that the Board of Education is working with the Museum to develop programs meeting educational classroom stands for credit when students from all grade levels tour the Museum. Mr. Abell is pleased to develop programs with the other Tourist attractions throughout the region to improve visitation to the entire region. Mr. Abell received the Medal of Honor from the Daughters of the American Revolution, an award presented to only one individual for the entire nation each year. This award  was in part because of the Museum but also for many years of community service. The Governor of Maryland and the Charles county commissioners also similarly presented awards for his Work.

Board of Education of Charles County– Mr. Abell served as a liaison between the Board of Education of Charles County and the Charles County Planning Commission for over 6 years. The role included coordination of new school facility requirements with the county development plans to assure that adequate school facilities were available. Charles County Nursing Home- Mr. Abell served on the Board of the Nursing home for 6 years 3 of which he was president. While on the Board he developed a 20-yr. master plan for senior needs for the county. He implemented many of the recommendations while on the Board which included the purchase of additional land for expansion, the development of Meals on Wheels program, built an Adult Day Care Center, developed plans for an assisted living facility, developed plans for the expansion of the nursing home and worked with the county to create a county wide Senior Center. Mr. Abell felt compelled to participate on this program as his grandfather had lived with the family for 10 years and it was a great burden on the family. This service would help other families to have a caring program for their aging parents. The senior community had a special service to recognize Mr. Abell for his service to seniors.

Charles County Commissioner Advisor– Mr. Abell served as an on call technical advisor to four different commissions standing over 25 years. This advice included such matters as planning decisions, short medium and long range, growth and regulation impacts, advisor on capital improvements for the county.

State of Maryland Housing Development Board
– Mr. Abell served for four years on the Housing Development Board. This involved frequent trips to Annapolis to discuss housing issues and to develop funding programs for low and moderate income. The Board also held regional meetings around the state to educate local communities on the various housing programs. This appointment afforded a great opportunity develop programs to meet the housing needs of those less fortunate as well as programs for the elderly such as senior facilities and assisted Living. The smaller rural communities throughout the state often do not feel it necessary to address housing needs of those in lower economic levels and the state programs provide a great opportunity for equity in the quality of housing.

La Plata Downtown Redevelopment Board
– Mr. Abell has served on the Board for over 3 years and is currently serving a Vice Chairman. The purpose of the Board is to develop strategies for a blighted area of the town that will evolve into a New Town Center. The work of the Board includes land purchase, zoning regulations, advocacy to the town, Charles County Commissioners and State Delegation, planning and economic studies and analysis. As a member of the downtown business community it is important to participate in creating a great downtown. In this case I bring all my planning and architectural design skills to the organization to provide a well-planned approach to the Downtown plans. It is also with pleasure that I work to protect the downtown Historic assets which some are all too happy to demolish.

Charles County Chamber of Commerce
– Mr. Abell has been a member of the Charles county chamber for over 40 years. He served on the Board for six years, as an officer for four years and was elected as President of the Chamber. The Chamber of Commerce arranges for training sessions for businesses, promotes monthly social functions for the entire membership, advocates with County Government on planning Zoning issues, advocates for the county wide and Sector master plans, economic development, arranges programs for Small business opportunities for work with county government, Local and State Government and the Federal Government. The Chamber also sought to create a positive climate for the federal military establishment located in the County to maintain and increase he high paying white collar technical jobs in the county The Kiwanis club Awarded Mr. Abell to be Citizen of the Year for his work with the chamber but in the local Community service organizations.

Charles County Economic Development Board– Mr. Abell served 8 years on the Economic Board and two were as vice Chairman. The purpose of the Board was to promote business opportunities in the county and to recruit business to relocate to the County. In addition, the Board helped existing business through expediting approvals  and assisting with funding. The Board worked to find locations for industrial and business Parks throughout the County to provide site ready opportunity for new businesses to locate in the County, promoted a regional airport for corporate industry to locate of the restricted Washington Metro airspace, participated in planning hearings to advocate quality high job businesses locating in the County, Developed private funding from the businesses to promote the County. The board also sought to develop a Free Trade Zone in the County so as to capture more foreign business interest to the County.

Free Trade Zone Prince Georges County -Mr. Abell served on the design review board for four years. The purpose of the board was to promote high quality buildings and site development in the free trade zone. The free trade Zone was a great opportunity to attract businesses that required tax free status to the Washington Region.  It was rewarding to  be part of this economic development effort and a high-quality Business/industrial Park.

Maryland Chamber of Commerce– Mr. Abell served on the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Board for 8 years. During his tenure, he served as Vice President of the Southern District Small Business Council, Chainman off the Small Business Council He was awarded Small Business Person of the year for the State of Maryland. During this time, he gave presentations to Chambers of commerce throughout the state and made appearances before the State legislature on business issues. The service on the chamber Booed was a great opportunity to promote the development and support of Small Businesses throughout the State. To develop consensus on matters that improve business, to improve economic develop throughout the state, to advocate before the State legislature or laws affecting business, including the design profession issues. One significant issue for the past few years has been the State legislature desire to charge taxes on design services. This would have an impact on all firms in that the cost for the services would increase, however an even greater impact on firms performing out of state work in that Maryland firms would be uncompetitive with out of state firms. Mr. Abell was chosen to Business Person of the year by the Small business Administration and the chamber of commerce for his work promoting small business community throughout the State of Maryland. He was presented this award at a Statewide Ceremony in Baltimore, Maryland.


Waldorf Lions Club – Mr. Abell served as a member of the Waldorf Lions Club for over 16 years, four of which was serving as an officer and a president of the organizations. The purpose of the Lions club is to serve the community. The organizations hold fund raisers to help the blind. The Club oversaw Camp Merrick a camp for the blind and gave numerous donations to volunteer organizations. This was a great experience to participate in is many programs that helped individuals and the Community at large. The Lions club continues to serve as source of inspiration for other community work that I perform.

COMREL (South Potomac Civilian Military Community Relations Counsel) – Mr. Abell has served on the COMEL Counsel for over four years. The purpose of the Board is to develop better relations between the military bases and the community. The counsel consists of all the political leaders, military leaders and notable members from the business Community. In this instance Mr. Abell Represents the Museum as well as his business. Participation in this endeavor helps to maintain the military presence in the local area and is a boost for economic development.
The group recognizes that encroachment of high density development could impact in base activities and serve as a reason for base closure or limiting base operations. The Military bases have high impact on high skilled jobs and revenue for the entire region.

National Colonial Farm– Mr. Abell served on the colonial farm Board for over 16 years, four of which he was vice president. The colonial farm is a historic operating farm of the revolutionary period meant to contrast Mt Vernon with the average American farm. One of the main reasons for the farm was to protect the view from Mt Vernon. The board sponsored numerous community events, participated in historic reenactments, and cooperative river crossings with Mt Vernon. This endeavor helped preserve the view from Mt Vernon, and provided the visitor from the region of the great contrast between gentry and average early American farm. This work involved working with the National Planning commission, and local county Governments on both sides of the Potomac River to promote zoning the kept the height of buildings below the tree line for the view shed from Mount Vernon

Prince Georges Philharmonic Orchestra– Mr. Abell served as a Board member for four years one of which was vice chairman. The purpose of the organization was to promote high quality Music in Prince Georges County. As a former trombone player. He felt it important to promote quality community to enhance the Community and to educate music lovers. The board developed fund raisers to sponsor the orchestra events throughout the County.

World Trade Center Washington DC. – Mr. Abell was involved in this organization for about six years. The purpose of the organization was to develop world trade. Mr.Abell was twice invited on all expense paid trips to the Soviet Union to explore opportunities for developments in Russia to expand health services on a scale equivalent to facilities in the United States. While this program was health related, Mr. Abell found the opportunity to talk to many Russian leaders to discuss programs for business investment and development throughout the County. He was also involved in plans for a World Trade Center in Washington DC. This organization provided a great opportunity  to participate in cultural and business exchange and helped place the Washington Metropolitan area on the World stage.
Tourism Council for Southern Maryland The purpose of the Counsel was to promote Tourism in a Tri County Area that includes Charles County. Calvert County, and St Mary’s County. Council members participated in programs that developed historic tours and events in all the counties to attract visitors to historic Southern Maryland. This involved meeting with businesses to gain consensus to participate in a tri county program and to arrange getaway weekends that involved restaurants hotels, historic sites, and special activates occurring in all counties. This endeavor was important to the local community as it promoted the magnificent scenery and historic assets around us. This effort also helped to promote a Heritage Trail throughout the region as well as a religious trail involving the historic churches in the county.

USGBC Southern Maryland Me Abell have been a participant in the USGBC for a four-year period and have served as the Vice Chairman of the organization. The purpose of the organization is to promote sustainable design in the Southern Maryland Region. This involves encouraging local counties to enact regulations that encourage developers of new buildings to be designed to meet Green Building Standards. The organization provided lecture series each month to make the local community aware of Green building solutions and to encourage sustainable design and construction. Mr. Abell lectured before numerous civic groups and county governments and town governments to provide knowledge of green building opportunities and the impact on the environment. All have  a responsibility to maintain our environment and to preserve our country for future generations to come.

Boys and Girls Club Mr. Abell served on the Board of the Boys and Girls Club for 4 years as vice chairman. During that time, he worked with local schools and development communities to set up individual Boys and Girls Clubs throughout a three-county area. Mr. Abell also donated company resources to build a Boys and Girls club facility. Mr. Abell feels this is an important cause because the club provides activities for children after hours and promotes a structure of activities that keep children free of drugs.

Boy Scots of America Mr. Abell works with the Boy Scout Troops in the Area to provide Projects for those Scouts desiring to be Eagle Scouts. This involves mentoring individual scouts to develop a project, reviewing and signing off on the project for the Boy Scouts of America organization, developing ways to fund raise and monitoring the creation of the project, and participating in the Award ceremony.

Vocational Education Board for Charles County Mr. Abell served for 12 years on the vocational Board to assist the board of Education in developing training for the trades that would prepare students for jobs in industry. This board brought teachers and industry together to discuss the types and quality of training to better fit students to the work place.

Science and History Fairs. Mr. Abell has served on various review board to evaluate the student projects for many events held in the various Counties. He has also given countless lectures to students and told about opportunities in the profession. He has also worked with the School system to provide on the job work experiences to prepare them for the chosen profession. professional career. He has mentored many students that are choosing a

Pro Bono Services

Children’s Aid Society Mr. Abell donated a design and permitted documents to provide for the construction of the first Children’s Aid facility in Charles County. This facility provided administrative headquarters for the organization and served as a location to provide aid to the children of the County. This facility serves the disadvantaged in the community and fills a great gap to make the lives of Children better.

Calvert Well Pet Clinic Mr. Abell donated design services to assist a local volunteer pet clinic to expand their pet veterinary services to the Community. This is a volunteer program to assist pet owners and worthy of support to all that love pets. Mr. Abell is pleased with the fact that the County suggested to the Group that his firm would likely assist them.

Charles County Hospice House Mr. Abell donated conceptual design services to assist the local Hospice program to develop the first Hospice House in Charles County. In addition, he continues to provide cooperative programs between the Maryland Veterans Museum and Hospice to encourage Veterans to take advantage of the programs that Hospice provides. Most recently the Museum donated service flags to place on the beds of deceased veterans at Hospice. Mr. Abell provides support to these worthy organizations as it has provided services at a time of need to the community including members of his family.

College of Southern Maryland Mr. Abell serves as a technical resource to the facilities program of the college of Southern Maryland. Mr. Abell and his company have donated approximately $8000 in in-kind professional services to assist the college. Mr. Abell attended the college his first year and continues to support the college. The college has been a great asset to the local community by providing quality education at a very affordable price. Mr. Abell feels that CSM has transformed many levels and is worthy of a high level of support.

Chesapeake Children Museum Mr. Abell has donated consulting services to the Children Museum to assist them in developing an expansion program to support this unique museum designed for children. Mr. Abell felt that this opportunity to reach and inspire children to be extremely important in promoting a great asset for the community.

Volunteer Fire Departments and Rescue Squads Mr. Abell has assisted numerous first responder volunteer groups to assist them in building expansion programs and or the development of new facilities. Depending on the circumstances of each facility, he has donated untold professional service and time to assist these organizations to achieve their goals. Mr. Abell served as a volunteer fireman early in his career and continues to serve by using his professional talents to assist the volunteers. This information is presented as a category with a list of the stations served:

10th District Fire Department Bel Alton Fire Department
Benedict Volunteer Fire Department Bryans Road Volunteer Fire Department
Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department
Morningside Fire Department
Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department
Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department
St Michaels Fire Department
Solomon’s Island Volunteer Fire Department
Valley Lee volunteer fire Department

Volunteer Religious facilities Mr. Abell has assisted numerous church congregations   in building expansion programs and or the development of new facilities, assisted in fund raising and assisted in church financing. Depending on the circumstances of each congregation, he has donated untold professional service and time to assist these organizations to achieve their goals Mr. Abell has felt a great professional responsibility to assist those in need and has been willing to use his talents to help the community. information is presented as a category with a list of the churches served:

This Church of Episcopal Christ La Plata
Church of Episcopal Christ
Mechanicsville Church of God Marbury, MD.
Pleasant Grove Baptist church Callaway Baptist Church
Zion Baptist Church
Grace United Methodist church
Greater Church of Christ Lexington Park Rescue
Mill Hill Church
St Anne’s Anglican Catholic Church Holy Ghost Catholic church
Shiloh Methodist Church
St Aloysius Catholic Church Smith Chapel Church
Sung Rac Korean Baptist church National Prayer Garden


Lawrence C. Abell is qualified to practice in the fields of Architecture, Planning, Civil engineering and a Green Professional as a registered professional in each discipline. This unique combination of qualifications provides for a comprehensive approach to the multi- disciplinary designs. Mr. Abell has performed architectural services for Public Schools, College Facilities, Courthouses, County Public Works Facilities, Commercial Office Buildings, Medical Offices, Surgical Centers, Senior Housing, Multi-Family Housing, Private Homes, Shopping Centers, Churches, Fire Stations, and Multi-Housing Development.
Mr. Abell’s extensive professional and management experience includes multi- disciplinary, architectural, planning and engineering projects. He has also served as an expert witness before District Courts, Planning Commissions and County authorities in many counties and states in which he is licensed. Mr. Abell has served as a planning expert in the Public and Private Sector providing analysis of growth patterns, population distributions, high growth areas, and public facilities to plan and design educational facilities and to aid in the development of environmental impact statements. He has served as an expert resolving construction and design disputes in architecture and engineering.


Professional Architect, States of Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. NCARB Certified.

Professional Planner, American Institute of Certified Planners. Professional Engineer, States of Maryland and Virginia.


NAHB Green Certified


President, Lawrence C. Abell, Sole Proprietor 1976 to present CEO, Lawrence Abell & Associates, Ltd 1998 to present President, FSI Design Group, Fort Washington, MD 1980-1997.

Vice President, FSI Design Group, Fort Washington, MD 1976-1980. Director of School Facilities, Charles County Board of Education,

La Plata, MD 1973-1976. Assistant Director of School Facilities, Charles County Board of Education, La Plata, MD 1971-1973. Liaison between the Board of Education and the Planning Commission.

Graduate Assistant, University of Maryland, 1969-1971. Navy Design Officer, O.I.C.C., Saigon, Vietnam, 1968-1969.

Officer in Charge of Construction, U.S. Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA 1966-1968.

Civil Engineer Corp Officer School, 1966.

Architect/Engineer/Planner, U.S. Naval Ordinance Station, Indian Head, MD, 1964-1966.


Glazed Pines – Provided the Mater plan for LIVE WORK PLAY traditional community with previsions for LEED Gold Certification. The consisted of 1500 residential units (SF, TH, Apartments and Condos), 2.5 million sf of commercial office, retail and industrial space.

Simpson Housing Solutions– Responsible for project planning, jurisdiction approvals architectural design and construction administrative services for over 15 large Tax Credit Apartment Projects in over 5 States.

Sun America – Mr. Abell provided consulting, project planning, jurisdiction approvals architectural design and construction management services over the last  eighteen months, completing approximately 3,000 multi-family units in five States with a construction value of over $300,000,000. In addition, he has served as a technical expert providing planning and architectural services in over 30 States.

Port America – Lead planner architectural designer. Site development coordinator and project director for a $1.5 billion dollar, 480-acre multi-use waterfront community in Prince George’s County for James T. Lewis Enterprises for the World Trade Center Washington DC. Mr. Abell was Associate Architect with internationally renowned Architects, John Burgee and Philip Johnson, responsible for preparing preliminary and construction design documents for buildings in the PortAmerica site.

St. Mary’s County Government Center – Developed a master plan for a 6,000-square foot administration/operation building and 6,000 square foot 3-bay maintenance facility with offices and storage as an integrated design with existing facilities. Provide analysis of vehicular access and movement patterns for heavy equipment, abandoned car storage, maintenance yard, public automobiles, and material shipping. Provide parking for employees, public, and service vehicles which are designed to operate independently and without conflict with each other within the Department of Public Works.

Bowie Newtown Center – Planning and detailing of all recreational facilities as well as overall land planning for Mark Vogel Companies. The Bowie Newtown Center project includes a regional mall, numerous office buildings, an artificial lake, and a variety of residential housing units.

Sustainable Design Examples

Smeco Headquarters Building Leonardtown, Maryland– project planning, jurisdiction approvals architectural design and construction administrative services for Leed Silver Project that includes offices maintenance storage, Data Center, transportation facilities in mixed use public utility Facility

Baldus Centre located at La Plata, MD – 3- story Commercial office complex designed to accommodate mixed use of activities designed to LEED SILVER criteria – 30,000 sf Complex

Stratford Hall, Virginia Home of the Robert E Lee Family– LEED GOLD concept design for visitor center, museum, collection area, conference center, café, gift shop, and offices- 50,000 sf Complex

Architectural Examples

Simpson Housing Solutions– Responsible for project planning, jurisdiction approvals architectural design and construction administrative services for over 15 tax credit projects in over 5 States.

Apex construction– Part of a design builds team providing college student housing for major colleges including Oklahoma University; University of Western Kentucky. Mr. Abell was responsible for project planning, jurisdiction approvals architectural design and construction administrative.

Pembrooke Square, Waldorf, Maryland – Design of medical condominium complex involving 64 various specialities in a Williamsburg setting surrounding a central plaza allowing for future expansion of a similar concept incorporating professional retail development for Charles County Resource Investors.

Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary School – Architect and project manager for a 54,000-square foot elementary school with innovative construction techniques to create an exciting learning atmosphere. Classrooms incorporating open classroom concept as well as transformation to individual classroom capabilities. Media Center incorporates computers and other technology to promote student learning for Charles County Board of Education.

Hamilton Centre – Design of commercial office building complex which involved adaptation to an extremely difficult site as well as individual tenant layout design incorporating a variety of commercial operations for Delta Realty.

Mattawoman Middle School – Served as Architect for the design of 110,000 sf Middle School and Athletic Facilities. With innovative construction techniques to create an exciting learning atmosphere. Classrooms incorporating open classroom concept as well as transformation to individual classroom capabilities. Media Center incorporates computers and other technology to promote student learning for Charles County Board of Education.


Master of Science, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 1971 Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 1964

Mr. Abell maintains learning credits required by AICP, AIA, USGBC, NGBS, PE,


American Institute of Architects, member.

National Fire Protection Association, member.

American Planning Association, member, National Capital Area American Society of Civil Engineers, Maryland Chapter, member. The Society of American Military Engineers, member.

American Institute of Certified Planners, member. Washington Capital Area Chapter International Building Code, member.

Construction Specifications Institute, Member

US Green Building Council Member LEED AP D+BC

USGBC Southern Maryland Vice Chairman and Committee member