The National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association, Inc. — generally referred to as the W3R®-US — is a 501(c)3 organization incorporated in the state of Delaware. It is registered as a U.S. federal contractor and as a partner of the National Park Service.

Organization Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 38255
Baltimore, MD 21231

Ellen von Karajan (MD)
Executive Director and
W3R-US primary contact


Larry Abell (MD)
President, National Chair
Shelly Bell
Shelly Bell (NJ)
Vice Chair, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Shared Values
robert bruce donald
Bruce Donald (CT)
Vice Chair, Resource Development
jeff canning
Jeff Canning (NY)
Recording Secretary
Dave meredith
Dave Meredith (VA)
Elaine Lawton (MD)
Corresponding Secretary


Leadership Gallery

State affiliates have provided research, signage, tours, events and commemorations, and play a critical role in interpreting and preserving historic sites, encampments, waterways and landscapes along the 700 mile National Historic Trail.

Contact: Blanche Hunnewell, bhunnewell@yahoo.com

Rhode Island

Contact: Sal Lilienthal, explore@revolutionarybattles.com
Christine Jewell
Col. Serge G. Gabriel (Ret.)
Stephen Shaw
Ingrid Wood
Russell Wirtella
Michael Fitzgerald
Alicia Wayland
Richard Orr
Jay (Francoise) Jackson
Mark Foster
Charles Balesi
Kevin Ring
Dave Goodrich
Charles Lyle
Wayne Bickley
Salvatore Tarentino
Mary Donohue

New York
Contact: Lynn Briggs, lynn1200@aol.com
RADM J. Robert Lunney, Ret.
James M. Johnson Ph.D.
Susan Seal
Constance Kehoe

New Jersey
Julie Diddell – Contact: info@W3R-NJ.org

W3R®-NJ Executive Board
Julie Diddell – Chair
Catherine Paretti – Vice Chair
Galina Chernikova – Treasurer
Brandon Fontanes – Recording Secretary
Thomas D’Amico – Corresponding Secretary

Additional Board Members
Eric Diddell
Mary Swarbrick

Immediate Past Chair
Kathy Faulks


W3R®-PA Board
vacant – President
vacant– 1st Vice President
vacant– 2nd Vice President
vacant – Secretary
vacant– Treasurer

Honorary Board:
Michael Scullin, Esq. – Honorary Vice Chair
Wayne R. Strasbaugh – Officer’s Counsel
Daniele Thomas Easton
Edward Greenawald
F. Russell Greenspan
James W. Marvin, Jr.

Contact: firststateantiquearms@gmail.com

W3R®-DE Executive and State Committee
Bill Conley – President
vacant– Vice President
Sally Miller – Treasurer
George Widger – Event Illustrator
Jim Stone – Rev War Colonial Army Advisor
Mike Gallagher – SAR Liaison
Sarah O’Donnell – DAR Liaison
Chris Mlynarczyk – First Delaware Regiment Liaison
Nancy Willing – Corresponding Secretary
Karen McCoo – Secretary
Wade Catts – Rev War Historical Advisor
Peg Tigue
Jeanie Haynes

Contact: Robert Reyes robertereyes@yahoo.com
Larry Abell
Mary Margaret Revell-Goodwin
John Sower
Steve Lampredi
Susan Giddings
Chuck Frascati
Mark Croati
Christopher Haugh
Christos Christou
Charlotte Weirich

Contact: Dave Meredith dave-sam@cox.net

W3R®-VA Board and State Group
Ed Ayres
David Brickley
Chris Brown
Vivian Bunting
Rick Burgess
Champe Burnley
Bucky Burruss
Jennifer Carver
Wade P. Catts
Carl Childs
Mike Cobb
Luci Cochran
Herman “Hank” Cohen
Jonathan D. Connolly
Peggy Crosson
Warren Deal
Dennis Dicus
G. Rebecca Dobbs
Becky Eggleston
Paul W. Emigholz
Cassandra Farrell
Randy Flood
Kathleen Ford
Jay Gaidmore
Chad Green
Drew Gruber
Alisha Hamel
David Harvey
Tori Haynes
Jeffery Winette
James “Jim” Johnston
Bonnie Karwac
Mary Kayaselcuk
Beth Kelly
Robert Kelly
Jeff Lambert
Homer Lanier
Katey Legg
Tim Little
J. Derek Loftis
Jennifer R. Loux
James P. Lynch
John McDonald
Ann Miller
J. Michael Moore
Cheryl Morales
Carolyn Murphy
Sam Murphy
Wendy Musumeci
Sheila S. Noll
Alain Outlaw
Amy M. Parker
Connie Powell
John Quarstein
Bill Saccardi
Melissa Sadler
Mark Sammis
Dan Seabolt
Kay Smith
Dan Smith
Carol Steele
Mike Steen
Donnie Tuck
Kevin Vincent
Jennifer Wampler
Tracey Ward
Darren Williams
Nicole Yancey
David Zimmerman

Washington, D.C.
John Sower sower1@erols.com


Kim Burdick (DE)
Janet Lee Burnet (NY)
Jennifer Carver (VA)
Sallie de Barcza (NJ)
Veronica Eid (DE)
Kathy Faulks (NJ)
B.J. Gerber (VA)
Roseanna Gorham (RI)
Alan Hoffman (MA)
Blanche Hunnewell (MA)
Scott Keller (NY)
Ellen Lefebvre (PA)
Pierre Lefebvre (PA)
Sal Lilienthal (CT)
Ralph Nelson (DE/NC)
Ann Patten (PA)
Lanny Patten (PA)
Lucie Poirier (MD)
Robert Reyes (MD)
Gary Scott (DC)
Janice Showler (PA)
Thomas Showler (PA)
John Sower (MD)
Wayne Strasbaugh (PA)
Rockwell Wagner (CT)
Kurt Zwikl (PA)

Joseph DiBello
David R. Wagner
2006 Marchers: David Fagerberg, Michael Fitzgerald, David Holloway†, Rosemarie Morin, Richard Swartwout, and Damon Rodnac†
2021 Bike & Kayak: Sal Lilienthal and Jeff Canning
Dr. Jacques Bossiere†
Ralph Nelson

Johnny Carawan, Trail Administrator

We are grateful to the following members, each of whom made a significant donation to ensure that the W3R-US would have assets to fund its projects over a long period of time.

Eric Dutaud
Rev. Dr. Jacques Bossiere (2009) ✝
Mrs. Charles G. L. de Barcza
COL Serge Gabriel, US Army Reserve (Ret.)
Blanche M. Hunnewell
Andree King
RADM J. Robert Lunney, Ret.
Ann Patten
Lanny Patten
Ralph Nelson
Kim Burdick
Agnes Mallet

Chair- General of the Army (Ret.) Gilbert Forray

National Advisory Committee
Dr. Robert A. Selig, Ph.D — author, historian, professor
Dr. Bruce Chadwick — author, historian, professor
Joseph DiBello

The National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association recognizes that national historic trails are a powerful way to connect with nature, history and culture. These trails cultivate a society that values protection and stewardship for our natural, cultural, historic, and scenic resources. We also recognize there are historical injustices that have resulted in barriers that prevent people from accessing this trail and its resources and gaps in the inclusion of the stories of some groups. We perceive these obstacles as moral and strategic opportunities to bridge gaps and expand our capacity to interpret, protect and promote the trail. We are committed to actively overcoming these obstacles and enacting positive systemic change, including access for any individual with a disability consistent with federal guidelines.

W3R will participate in and foster an inclusive national historic trails partner community that values and engages the perspectives and contributions of all individuals beyond social, political, and cultural boundaries. This includes acknowledgement of original inhabitants and their historic legacy with sites and inclusion of their stories in our narrative. We will work to ensure equal opportunities for everyone to access our trail as well as feel valued and represented. W3R will identify barriers that prevent people from accessing the trail and its resources. In turn, we will strive to find solutions to reduce these barriers and aid groups and individuals in overcoming them through direct outreach or other means. As a continually learning organization, we will encourage our members to routinely evaluate and prioritize representation, access, and cultural identity within the programs we offer to the public. We are dedicated to building a broader and more collaborative community.

W3R-US, in partnership with the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail, depends on the historic sites on the trail, the website and social media for diversity, equity and inclusion in interpretation. W3R-US will strive always to be a balanced broker of information derived from primary sources. Our concerns are global, as the war was global, and included African Americans, Indigenous Peoples, and the role of Spain, what would become Germany, as well as France, Haiti, the Jews, women and children, and others.

We rely on the facts of history, that which is recorded in primary documents, some of which will require acknowledgment.