Hurry, ask your representatives in Congress to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund today!

March 5th, 2020

If fully funded, the Land and Water Conservation Fund will also be available to benefit communities all along the Washington- Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail at no cost to the tax payer. It is funded by off- shore drilling fees. It provides funds for conservation, for green places, places for recreation close by our cities and towns—- so important in our densely populated part of the country. Every 30 seconds a football field size piece of nature is lost to development….[Read More]

Constance Kehoe’s Radio Interview on RW250

March 5th, 2020

Constance M. Kehoe is the president of Revolutionary Westchester 250,, a not-for-profit corporation building awareness of the critical and dramatic role Westchester County played in the Revolutionary era in conjunction with the national commemoration planned for 2026. In this interview she highlights past and future events, sites of interest across the county and the overall mission of the organization.

You can listen to and download the interview by clicking on the link below:

Constance Kehoe’s Radio Interview on RW250[Read More]

Bridgewater Celebrates Preservation of Foothill Road Estate

March 3rd, 2020

BRIDGEWATER – Through a partnership of organizations, government bodies and neighbors who didn’t know when to quit, the 36-acre Wemple estate, where Revolutionary War soldiers once camped, will be preserved in perpetuity.

To mark the preservation of what has been called a historical treasure, the D&R Greenway Land Trust presented the township a portrait of the portion of the Foothill Road property where Gen. George Washington’s soldiers camped and their horses drank from a spring….[Read More]

George III’s Vast Collection of Military Maps Goes Online

February 2nd, 2020

On 200th Anniversary of his Death, Collection Provides Account of Global Conflicts

George III may never have left the south of England or fought on a battlefield, but he explored the world through a vast collection of military maps that are now being made available online, offering extraordinary insight into the art of warfare and mapping.

Highlights include two-metre-wide maps of the American War of Independence. Known as the king who lost America,…[Read More]

American Military Representatives Return to Rochambeau Castle in Thoré-La-Rochette

January 29th, 2020

Three American military from the US Embassy in Paris visited the Rochambeau estate. They presented Nathalie with an American flag which flew over the Embassy. One of the officers is the Defense Attache, who gave a speech in fluent French. The other officer was the Air Attache. Also pictured below is M. Jerome Danard, National President of the France – Etats Unis Association (who will attend the unveiling ceremony of the Rochambeau statue in Yorktown on the 18th October). …[Read More]

Greenburgh’s Odell House Set To Be Restored!

January 14th, 2020

One of the most important sites on the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route along the length of the almost 700-mile National Historic Trail stands at 425 Ridge Road in Greenburgh, New York. Almost 250 years ago in 1732, John Tompkins of Eastchester built the central portion of the house and owned it until 1760. Gilbert Bates occupied the farm from 1760 to 1785, when John Odell purchased the property. The Odell family was among the founders of Westchester in 1662. …[Read More]

W3R Delaware’s Bill Conley Welcomes Wreaths Across America

December 16th, 2019

President of the Delaware chapter of W3R, Bill Conley, had the honor of coordinating and welcoming the 55 vehicle “Wreaths Across America” convoy as it passed through on its journey from Maine to Arlington Ceremony. During the ceremony, 20 Gold Star families from Delaware and nearby states were honored with special wreaths donated by the WAA family.

The Wreaths Across America project was started in 1992 by Morrill Worcester, owner of Worcester Wreath Company,…[Read More]

Registration Now Open for Hike the Hill 2020

December 13th, 2019


Now in its 23rd year, Hike the Hill® is a joint effort between the Partnership for the National Trails Systemand the American Hiking Society aimed at increasing congressional and federal agency leader awareness of funding and other needs that sustain the National Trails System.

Each February, trail partners and organizations from across the nation head to Washington,…[Read More]

November 2019 Newsletter

December 10th, 2019

News of the past month and what’s ahead
In this edition:

  • Congressional and Land & Water Conservation Fund Updates
  • Upcoming Webinar: December 10th
  • Trail Town Program Survey Due December 6th
  • PNTS Relaunching Volunteer Coordinator Working Group: December 17th
  • Fall Issue of Pathways Across America
  • Save the Date for Hike the Hill: February 8-13, 2020
  • National Trails Workshops Announced: May and October 2020
  • Funding,
  • [Read More]