Recent events celebrating the 240th Anniversary of the Victory at Yorktown and the Franco-American Alliance

October 10th, 2021 News


W3R Historian Bob Selig in front of the Rochambeau statue in the Place St Martin in Vendôme (24 Sept. 2021)

On 25 September, W3R historian participated in an international symposium on the 240th anniversary of the victory at Yorktown and the birth of Franco-American friendship. The topic of  Dr. Selig’s talk was “De Newport à Yorktown : La Route Washington-Rochambeau et la victoire le 19 Octobre 1781”. The proceedings of the symposium will be published in 2022 in the Bulletin de la Société archéologique, scientifique et littéraire du Vendômois.

Rochambeau Chapel

Rochambeau Chapel

Room in the chateau. On the wall are the two famous paintings by Blarenberghe. On the left the Surrender at Yorktown, on the right the Siege of Yorktown. Both were done for Rochambeau in 1786