Save Yorktown!


The Threat: An unprotected 50-acre parcel of land on the Yorktown battlefield and surrounded by the Colonial National Historical Park, has been zoned and platted for a subdivision of 100 houses. This enormous subdivision would be named “Battlefield Bluffs” for its historical significance, but its construction would completely destroy the integrity of this sector of the battlefield.

Archaeological fieldwork has been conducted on only a very small portion of the parcel to date. Experts tell us it is highly likely that important artifacts, and the stories they tell, still lie hidden beneath its currently undisturbed soil. If the bulldozers and road graders roll over these tracts, those stories may be lost forever.

Experts tell us that based on what is known of other sites in the area, it is highly likely that the archaeological integrity of this site is intact. But if the bulldozers and road graders roll over these tracts, those artifacts, and the stories they tell, could be lost forever.

The Opportunity: The total cost to preserve this land is $5,645,000, but we need to raise only $74,000 to complete the acquisition. How is this possible? Through a combination of extraordinary state, local, and federal matching grants, we have $5,571,000 – fully 98.7 percent – either applied for or already lined up! This means that if you and I can raise just 1.3 percent of the transaction’s total value, we will prevent the loss and destruction of this crucial land at Yorktown.

Experiencing a place like the battlefield of Yorktown has the power not only to educate about the sacrifices that secured our freedoms, but also to inspire us all to be better citizens and better people.


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