Shauntee Daniels

IMMEDIATE GOALS for Baltimore National Heritage Association

Without missing a beat, Shauntee can step into the leadership role of the Executive Director to ensure the Baltimore National Heritage Association (BHNA) will continue to solidify its sustainability and preserve Baltimore’s legacy for future generations. Some priorities she has identified:

RADICALIZE DIVERSIFIED FUNDING: The organization must develop a more radical stream of funding such as earned revenue, so it is not solely dependent on grant funds. A priority is to research partnerships that will create some new revenue streams including a “Hop on, hop off bus” product to provide visitors with a mechanism to visit the many neighborhood and heritage attractions within the Heritage Area.

EXPAND PARTNER OPPORTUNITIES: Lead the Board and the Advisory committee to develop additional corporate sponsorship ideas for our programs, more funding will occur for BNHA programs and our Heritage and Cultural organizations. Establishing a development committee with a purpose to proactively reach out to the Baltimore Business network is an example to expand the sponsorship program.

ENGAGE THE NEXT GENERATION: By using a model similar to Living Classrooms, the BNHA can provide training to young men and women interested in the Historic Preservation trades. Engaging young people to become more invested in their neighborhoods and the history of their vibrant city, while creating a path to economic opportunity with on-the-job training is key to ingraining the BNHA in the fabric of Baltimore.


Executive Director, March 2019 Presently

Chief Executive Officer, managing four fulltime and 15 part-time seasonal employees.

Responsible for managing an annual budget of $750k. Implementing programs which reflect the mission of the organizations. In addition to the responsibilities as set forth as the Acting Executive Director role.

Acting Executive Director, January 2019 March 2019 Baltimore National Heritage Association, Baltimore, MD

Currently acting in leadership position in addition to Director of Program and Outreach and responsible for financial oversight, management, programmatic accountability, board relations and external relationships of organization.

Director Programs and Outreach, January 2013 – January 2019 Baltimore National Heritage Association, Baltimore, MD

Instituted new position with primary responsibilities to include developing new platforms to engage partners and creating and implementing new programs to reach residents and visitors to build the Heritage Area brand. Successes include:


Created the successful annual winter/spring lecture series on topics relevant to themes of the heritage area. This program reaches nearly 200 people every season.

Doubled the number of urban ranger walking tours including training and staffing to beyond the Inner Harbor. Opportunities for more varied audiences including school groups and media so the history of Baltimore is promoted to all ages. By working with primary resources and building relationships with local historians the organization has gained more credibility. Shauntee manages all aspects of Guided Walking tours and the Museum Docent program and the number of annual visitors has grown from 500 to 2000 since she has managed it.

Established and developed the Heritage Neighborhood grant program that will enhance 118 heritage neighborhoods to grow heritage tourism beyond the Inner Harbor. This program will promote historic city-wide connections and help Baltimore residents understand how valuable their neighborhoods are and gain a sense of civic pride.


Initiated and coordinate the docent program to support museums with low capacity and resources. The program currently supports five museums and is still growing.

Created outreach and capacity building programs for more than 25 other Baltimore history museum and historic attractions.

Relationship development with tourism partners has reinforced the branding and visibility for the Heritage Area as the dots become more connected and the story of Baltimore is collectively interpreted with authenticity. Shauntee continues to develop relationships with tourism partners, such as the Maryland Department of Commerce and Business Development – Office of Tourism, Visit Baltimore, Maryland Heritage Areas Authority and Maryland Tourism & Travel Coalition and grow visibility, partner network and funding.


In this role, Shauntee supported the Executive Director with organizational operations and as a right-hand person, has been responsible with the day-to-day operation of the organization and representing the BHNA externally as required. Responsibilities include:

Budget & Funding Experience

● Familiarity with the day-to day operations to ensure that organization runs within budget.

● Payroll for urban ranger (docent) program for walking tours and museum support.

● Prioritizing projects and developing an annual budget.

● Maintain funding for Maryland Heritage Areas Authority grant program, funding necessary to support 13 Heritage Area across the state, including Baltimore.

Creates innovative partnerships with corporate and other not for profit organizations to increase funding sources to benefit BNHA and impact the sustainability of grant programs, which fund museum and historic programs and projects.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

● Communications such as a monthly newsletter, to support relationships with partners, organization, and constituents.

● Planning and executing the organization’s Annual meeting which includes developing relationships with Baltimore City and heritage institutions.

● Liaison to Baltimore City Public School Systems and Baltimore City Recreation and Parks Department connecting teachers and students to Baltimore history resources.

● Created and implemented a guide certification program for regional tour guides.

● Participates in legislative advocacy for the organization and partners when appropriate – last year spoke in front of the committee of tourism and economic development on behalf of the Visit Baltimore.

● Work with the Alliance of National Heritage Areas (ANHA) to maintain Federal legislation to continue the National Heritage Areas program which includes 49 Heritage Area in the continental U.S.

Administrative Tasks

● Office administration, staff recruitment and annual volunteer and intern recruiting.

● Administrator for the Greater Baltimore History Alliance ○ Reorganized the GBHA membership for sustainability, stabilized the program and continue to re-energize and re-engage the membership and grow.

○ Maintaining the database of members and contacts

○ Manage GBHA’s online calendar, website, communications with membership and external organizations. Distributing the member e-newsletter.

Education Administrator, August 2008 – December 2012 Baltimore National Heritage Association, Baltimore, MD

● Built a more cohesive relationship with the Mayor’s Office and City Council to maintain support for the Heritage Area.

● Increase awareness of Heritage Area’s impact on economic development and civic engagement through programs.

● Project manager for the Pennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail installation and development of the collateral materials.Developed the marketing plan that won a $50K marketing grant for BHNA to create our first map and guide for the Heritage Area and collaborated with Visit Baltimore to produce online video to promote the Heritage Area historic resources and tours.

Independent Guide, September 2006 – August 2008 Contractor, Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Heritage Area Urban Ranger, Old Annapolis Town and Certified Naval Academy Guide, Licensed Washington DC Tour Guide and more.

Account Executive, May 2000 – August 2008 Governing Magazine

Responsible for sales for online and print classified section. Planned and executed special events and coordinated logistics for trade show and annual meeting. Negotiated trade agreements with state and local governments.

Additional Professional Experience

Ten years of corporate experience in Northern California, as an Account Executive, with a portfolio of more that $2 million dollars. Analyzed corporate health and welfare plans for major Silicon Valley corporations. Developed marketing material and employer health benefit plans.

EDUCATION Fashion Institute of Design. Major – Retail Merchandising