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The Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail passes through ten states and the District of Columbia, along America’s eastern seashore and major metropolitan areas from Boston to Washington, DC. New England has the largest concentration of eighteenth-century buildings, landscapes and sites in the entire United States, but as you travel southward, you will experience numerous nineteenth- and twentieth-century attractions as well. To follow the Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail is to take a trip through centuries of American history!

The list below contains historic sites, and museums connected to the march and within the general corridor of the march, to Yorktown. The list contains properties that are currently open to the public as well as National Historic Landmarks and buildings eligible for, or listed on, the National Register of Historic Places. Keep in mind that many of the National Register sites are private property, and not accessible to the public. Follow the links provided for more information, and be sure to check before planning a visit!

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