Taking back Château de Lauzun for the Community


One of our friends from across the Atlantic, the Friends of Lauzun’s Castle, are requesting your help! The Friends of Lauzun are seeking donations so that the commune of Lauzun may buy back Lauzun’s castle in order to better preserve it for future generations. They also have plans to install a room in the memory of Armand-Louis de Gontaut-Biron, his legion from the War of Independence and the regiment of Lauzun’s Hussars. The window to help is very small, as fundraising must be complete by September 25th.

For more information, please follow the link provided: https://www.ville-lauzun.fr/2023/08/21/lets-take-back-the-chateau-de-lauzun-for-the-community/

Please share and distribute this page and information with your friends, acquaintances and any one interested in the role of the Legion of Lauzun during the American Revolutionary War!

To donate, fill out the form below and return via mail or email as per the instructions!


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