“The Untold Story of Patriots in the American Revolution” Released Today



“The Untold Story of Patriots in the American Revolution”, an interactive storybook brought to you by W3R-US, the Maryland Historical Trust and the Maryland Veterans Museum, is out now! You can check it out here:

This learning experience features the often overlooked stories of 7 black and female heroes who made significant contributions to the American Revolution. These patriots were Sarah Osborn Benjamin, James Lafayette, Thomas Carney, Peter Salem, Deborah Sampson Gannet, Elizabeth Schuyler and Margaret Cochran Corbin.

Visit any of the participating trail sites and complete our quiz to receive a commemorative coin, including the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum & Environmental Center, the Maryland State House, the Maryland Veterans Museum at Patriot Park, the Montpelier House Museum, the Museum of the American Revolution, the Rodgers Tavern Museum and Snow Hill Manor.


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