Trail Economic & Technical Report Brings Exciting News


The results of W3R-US’ Economic Assessment from this past May are finally in! We are excited to share that this new report on economic activity found that the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail generates approximately $7 billion annually in overall total economic activity and supported 98,750 jobs.  

The assessment took a broad look at economic activity related to heritage preservation, education, and visitation in communities along the Trail’s route, and characterized its benefits and connections.  It also provides a look forward, recommending ways the National Park Service and its partners can leverage the Trail for increase its future impact.  

We are hopeful that this report will help our federal, state, and local community partners to share the value of the Trail within their respective areas.  

Key Findings 

Of the several hundred sites with significance to the Washington-Rochambeau story, 89 historic sites, museums and encampments associated with museums are staffed and provide visitor services on a regular, year-round schedule or on a seasonal or by-appointment basis. 

  • Each year, these 89 sites serve approximately 13.5 million visitors who spend an estimated $4 billion dollars in communities near the trail. 
  • Overnight visitors account for nearly 90 percent of that spending, injecting $3.6 billion into local economies.  
  • Visitors to the staffed Washington-Rochambeau sites may contribute more than $176 million each year to support organizations that preserve, manage, and interpret the trail’s history. 

The report was prepared by the Harbinger Consultancy and included a survey of 86 sites along the Trail. It includes information from parks, states, and local communities on visitor spending, the number of jobs supported by visitor spending, and other statistics. 

Click here to view the Community and Economic Value Technical Report

Click here to view the Economic Assessment: Current Value and Future Impacts Report

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