Our U.S. Bike and Kayak Tour 2021 has officially launched!


August 14th-28th, @SalLilienthal will be traveling along the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the victorious march to Yorktown.

Wreath-laying ceremony at the Rochambeau statue

This weekend, W3R-US board member Sal Lilienthal, kicked off the tour with a kayak from Providence to Bristol Rhode Island, and a bike ride from Bristol to Hartford, Connecticut.

Travel log provided by W3R’s Jeff Canning.

Prelude: Organizer Sal Lilienthal and I are spending the night at his combination home and office in Kent, CT, after loading his van (in photo) for the odyssey. We leave at 4 a.m. for the opening ceremony in Newport, RI. – Jeff Canning 8/13

Day 1: After 10 years in the works, the Tour is really happening. Sal and I got on the road at 4 a.m., arrived in Newport at 7 and held the starting ceremony at 9 on the waterfront by the Rochambeau statue. Sal placed a wreath and a contingent from the Artillery Company of Newport fired a musket salute. Sal paddled his kayak 15 miles to Independence Park in Bristol, then pedaled his bike 15 miles to Providence, where we are spending the night before heading to Hartford.  — Jeff  8/14

Artillery Company of Newport fired a musket salute
Sal paddling his kayak 15 miles to Independence Park

Day 2: Today’s ride by Sal of more than 80 miles began at 8 a.m. at University Hall on the Providence campus of Brown University. The building was used by the French as a military hospital. Next stop was the Waterman Tavern in Coventry, RI, where the French spent their first night after leaving Providence. We had a brief photo opportunity with folks at the Samuel Huntington Birthplace in Scotland, CT, where a wheel broke on Rochambeau’s carriage. Sal is holding a wheel from his bicycle to commemorate the incident. Rochambeau stopped three times at White’s Tavern in Andover, CT. Our final stop of the day, at 4 p.m., was the Old State House in Hartford, CT, which stands on the site of an early meeting between Washington and Rochambeau. We are spending the night at Sal’s house before returning to Hartford in the morning.  — Jeff   8/15

University Hall at Brown University, used as a French Military Hospital
White’s Tavern, frequented by Rochambeau
Samuel Huntington Birthplace in Scotland, CT, where Rochambeau’s carriage wheel broke

Stay tuned for more photos and updates from the tour!

Click here for more info about the tour!

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