W3R-US Leadership Council Members Buck and Mills Launch a Podcast Series


W3R-US Leadership Council members Elaine Buck and Beverly Mills, authors of If
These Stones Could Talk
, have launched a new podcast series called “Lifting the Veil”.
They are interviewing individuals who are interested in exploring some of the facets of
American history we never learned about in school or that bring new perspectives to
what we were taught.

They recently interviewed W3R-US board member Brad Fay about the work he has
been doing to promote heritage tourism development and infrastructure improvements
for the National Park Service’s Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route, perhaps
the least known of all the national historic trails outside of scholarly circles and lineage
organizations. You can listen here:

Part 1: https://newpodcity.com/podcasts/veil/episode/55636

Part 2: https://newpodcity.com/podcasts/veil/episode/55646

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