W3R-US Bike and Kayak Tour Day 13 Recap


Bike and Kayak Tour – Day 13: Sal began today’s 69-mile segment at the State House in Annapolis, Maryland.

We retraced our route back to U.S. Route 1, then headed south into Washington, DC. We tried without success to get through congestion, construction and a heavy police presence to a statue of Rochambeau erected in 1902 in Lafayette Park opposite the White House. The best we could manage was a shot of Sal with the White House in the background.

Next stop was George Washington’s Mount Vernon on the bank of the Potomac River in Virginia, every bit as magnificent as advertised, where we had special permission to bring Sal’s bike onto the grounds (usually not allowed) for a photo op.

Thanks to W3R-US Treasurer Dave and Director Sam Meredith for making the arrangements. George and Martha Washington are buried on the grounds in a vault that contains some two dozen family members.

Sal and I are spending the night at the home of W3R-US Corresponding Secretary Elaine Lawton, who hosted National Chair Larry Abell and us for dinner. Tomorrow we resume our travels at Mount Vernon for an 81-mile ride to Hanover Tavern, near Richmond, Virginia.

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