W3R-US Bike and Kayak Tour Day 16-17 Recap!


Bike and Kayak Tour – Interlude: With the land part of our odyssey concluded, Sal and I were able to enjoy a full sit-down breakfast with Ryan (Sal’s brother) and Rachel Lilienthal in their Princeton, New Jersey, home and did not get on the road until 11 a.m.! We arrived at my home in New York shortly before 1:30 p.m., unloaded my stuff and transferred Sal’s belongings to my car.

We then returned the rental Chevy Spark, which logged about 1,100 miles with us, at Westchester County Airport (one of the few rental offices in the area that was open on Sunday) and headed to Sal’s home in Connecticut. The ride gave us an opportunity to discuss a few preliminary thoughts about the book of ours that will chronicle the Tour. But first there is the final exclamation point to the odyssey – a few miles of kayaking in Boston Harbor as soon as schedule and weather permit. Please stay tuned.

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