Board Member Nicole Yancey Elected to the Board of American Society of Le Souvenir Français Inc.


Nicole served as the Honorary Consul for France for 25 years, has been awarded the French Legion of Honor, the French National Legion of Merit, and the Gold Medal of the Renaissance Française for “Culture, Solidarity and Francophonie”. 

The creation of the French Memorial in Yorktown is her proudest achievement.

She was asked by various agencies of both the American and French governments to assist in organizing and promoting activities on both sides of the Atlantic for the USA Bicentennial Celebration in 1976 to 1983 (Treaties of Paris and Versailles); then in 1981, she organized the events for the 200th anniversary of the victory at Yorktown, and again in 2006 (for the 225th anniversary. She has acquired a lifetime of knowledge about the French Alliance and maintains ongoing relationships with scholars, agencies, the military and other key partners both state-side and in France. 

She is a founding member of W3R-US and was the founding chair of the W3R-VA chapter. For nine years beginning in 2000, she worked closely with the French community in the U.S. and abroad to lobby Congress to have the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail officially designated by the National Park Service in 2009. 

Each year since 1989, she has organized the ceremony at the French Memorial monument on the Yorktown Battlefield on Surrender Day, and was instrumental in having it created and installed there, having been mandated by the former French ambassador to the U.S., Emmanuel de Margerie, to plan and oversee the construction and dedication of the memorial in 1989. 

She has also been involved in the creation of a new statue of Rochambeau for the Yorktown waterfront which was unveiled, on Surrender Day in 2021. This was a joint project of Les Amis de Rochambeau, The American Friends of Lafayette, W3R-US and the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail.

Born in the Berry region, and raised in Orleans, she has worked with the Holocaust Museum to recount her family’s experience (Gugenheim) during the Occupation. She has an ardent and personal commitment to the Franco-American Alliance which has endured from the American Revolution through the World Wars to today.

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