W3R-US Statement Of Inclusion


On April 4, 2020, the Board of Directors of W3R-US formally adopted the following Statement of Inclusion, which is closely modeled on that of the Partnership for the National Trails System:

Draft Statement of Inclusion for W3R-US

The National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association recognizes that national historic trails are a powerful way to connect with nature, history and culture. These trails cultivate a society that values protection and stewardship for our natural, cultural, historic, and scenic resources. We also recognize there are historical injustices that have resulted in barriers that prevent people from accessing this trail and its resources and gaps in the inclusion of the stories of some groups. We perceive these obstacles as moral and strategic opportunities to bridge gaps and expand our capacity to interpret, protect and promote the trail. We are committed to actively overcoming these obstacles and enacting positive systemic change.

W3R will participate in and foster an inclusive national historic trails partner community that values and engages the perspectives and contributions of all individuals beyond social, political, and cultural boundaries. This includes acknowledgement of original inhabitants and their historic legacy with sites and inclusion of their stories in our narrative. We will work to ensure equal opportunities for everyone to access our trail as well as feel valued and represented. W3R will identify barriers that prevent people from accessing the trail and its resources. In turn, we will strive to find solutions to reduce these barriers and aid groups and individuals in overcoming them through direct outreach or other means. As a continually learning organization, we will encourage our members to routinely evaluate and prioritize representation, access, and cultural identity within the programs we offer to the public. We are dedicated to building a broader and more collaborative community, including people of varied backgrounds and identities.

W3R is a dynamic organization that seeks to infuse its values in all aspects of its work. We are committed to perpetual growth and learning and strive to recognize and understand our biases. We are cognizant that intention in thought is not enough, and so we aspire to put intention into action. In doing so, we will continually observe successes and mistakes in our efforts to enhance equity and challenge ourselves to dismantle barriers, while constructing potential opportunities to learn, change, and consistently remain accountable.

In championing a culture of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, we aspire to cultivate greater strength and resilience within our organization and beyond as we welcome all to protect, enjoy, and support the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail.

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