Bylaws and Procedures


The W3R-US Bylaws can be downloaded by clicking here.

Articles of Incorporation

The W3R-US Articles of Incorporation can be downloaded by clicking here.

Strategic Plan

The W3R-US Strategic Plan can be downloaded by clicking here.

Administrative Procedures

Items Submitted for Email Consideration, Discussion, and Vote by the Board of Directors

  • The Director initiating the item will send the proposal to the Chair.
  • The Chair will circulate it to the appropriate committee and to the Executive Committee for review and comment.
  • There may be further consultation with the proposer to refine the proposal.
  • The Chair will then distribute (to all Directors) the proposal (with committee comments, if called for) as a motion for to the Board to discuss by Email (to all Directors) and to put to a vote.
  • Comment: In preparation for a physical meeting (with Directors gathered in one room) of the Board of Directors committees consider and prepare proposals and the agenda, and the text of major proposals are distributed to all Directors several weeks before the meeting. Thus there is time for the appropriate committees to review and refine proposals and time for people to review the proposals and to contact the committee for clarification before those proposals are discussed and voted on at the Board meeting.
  • The procedure for Email Consideration is thus parallel to the procedure for physical meetings in allowing for committee refinement and for Director questions before the final discussion and vote.


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