The National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association, Inc. — generally referred to as the W3R®-US — is a 501(c)3 organization incorporated in the state of Delaware. It is registered as a U.S. federal contractor and as a partner of the National Park Service.

The primary contact for the W3R®-US is

Ellen von Karajan, Executive Director, evonkarajan@gmail.com
2835 Saint Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Organization Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 38255
Baltimore, MD 21231


Board of Directors for 2018–21

ChairLarry Abell (MD)
Vice ChairRobert E. Reyes (MD)
Recording SecretaryJeff Canning (NY)
TreasurerDave Meredith
Corresponding SecretaryLucie Francoise Poirier (MD)
Immediate Past ChairKim Burdick (DE)
President Larry Abell

Board List - all classes

Honorary Board Members

Serge Gabriel (CT)
Hon. Patrick Murphy, Esq. (PA)


Bill Conley (DE)
Janet Burnet (NY)
Roseanna Gorham (RI)
Blanche Hunnewell (MA)
Sal Lilienthal (CT)
Robert Reyes (MD)


Larry Abell (MD)
Kathy Faulks (NJ)
Denise Dennis (PA)
Veronica Eid (DE)
Alan Hoffman, Esq. (MA)
Ursula Reed (PA)
Charles Schwam (MD)
Ingrid Wood (CT)
Kevin Vincent – (DC/VA)
Julia Diddell – (NY)
Mme. Isabel Evelein – (CT)
Jeffrey Canning – (NY)


Ellen LeFebvre (PA)
Pierre LeFebvre (PA)
Col. Jim Johnson (NY)
Gary Scott (D.C.)
Kim Burdick (DE)
Jennifer Carver (VA)
Sallie de Barcza (NJ)
B. J. Gerber (VA)
Lucie Francoise Poirier (MD)
Ralph Nelson (DE)
Rockwell Wagner (CT)
John Sower (D.C.)

Sallie de Barcza (formerly NJ) – Honorary Chair Emeritus

Liaisons With Other Organizations

Johnny Carawan, Trail Administrator

Life Members of The W3R-US

We are grateful to the following members, each of whom made a significant donation to ensure that the W3R-US would have assets to fund its projects over a long period of time.

Rev. Dr. Jacques Bossiere (2009) ✝
Mrs. Charles G. L. de Barcza
COL Serge Gabriel, US Army Reserve (Ret.)
Blanche M. Hunnewell
Andree King
RADM J. Robert Lunney, Ret.
Ann Patten
Lanny Patten
Ralph Nelson
Kim Burdick

The W3R of France

Chair- General of the Army (Ret.) Gilbert Forray


National Advisory Committee

Dr. Robert A. Selig, Ph.D — author, historian, professor
Dr. Bruce Chadwick — author, historian, professor
Joseph DiBello

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure Diagram

State Affiliates

State affiliates have provided research, signage, tours, events and commemorations, and play a critical role in interpreting and preserving historic sites, encampments, waterways and landscapes along the 700 mile National Historic Trail.

Contact: Alan Hoffman at arhoffman@lynchbrewer.com

W3R®-MA Board of Directors

Chair: Alan Hoffman
Blanche Hunnewell
Ken Molloy

Rhode Island
Contact: Roseanna Gorham at RoseannaGorham@verizon.net

W3R®-RI Board of Directors

Chair: Roseanna Gorham
Nicholas Gorham, Esq.

Contact explore@revolutionarybattles.com

W3R®-CT Board of Directors

Chair: Sal Lilienthal
Col. Serge G. Gabriel (Ret.)
Yolande Bosman
Stephen Shaw
Ingrid Wood
Russell Wirtella
Michael Fitzgerald
Alicia Wayland
Richard Orr
Jay (Francoise) Jackson
Mark Foster
Charles Balesi
Kevin Ring
Dave Goodrich
Charles Lyle
Wayne Bickley
Salvatore Tarentino
Mary Donohue

New York
Contact: James M. Johnson, Ph.D., at jjohnson22@hvc.rr.com

W3R®-NY Board of Directors

Chair: Scott Keller
RADM J. Robert Lunney, Ret.
J. Winthrop Aldrich
Jim Brangan
Paul M. Bray
Kevin Burke
Janet Burnet
Sean Byrne
Linda Cooper
Lori Copland
Nick Czajka
Robert W Elliott III
Jaime Ethier
Sara Griffen
Susan Hawvermale-Cayea
Lucas Henry
Elizabeth B. Jacks
James M. Johnson PhD
Pat Keegan
Scott Keller
Genevieve Kessler
Pam Malcolm
Sally Mazzarella
Barnabas McHenry Esq.
Jayne Mclaughlin
Andrew Meyer
Ann Mueller
Bob Radliffe
Scott Rector
Sarah Reingold
Rick Remsnyder
Jaime Reppert
William P. Tatum III
Erin Tobin
Larry Turk
MaryKay Vrba
Stefan Yarabek
Johanna Yaun

New Jersey
Contact: bkfaulks@gmail.com

W3R®-NJ Board of Trustees and Executive Committee Members

Kathy Faulks, Chairman
Bonnie Sovinee, Vice Chairman
Galina Chernikova, Treasurer
Tom D’Amico, Corresponding Secretary
Mary Swarbrick, Recording Secretary
Thomas Buckingham
Jean Hultgren
Vanessa La Franco
Caroline Lareuse
Jeff Mascechak
Carl Nittinger, Founder
Sallie De Barcza, Chairman Emeritus
June Sadlowski
Hans DePold

Contact: Ann Patten at pattenann424@aol.com

W3R®-PA Board

President: Lanny R. Patten
1st Vice President: Ursula Reed
2nd Vice President: Patricia Coyne
Secretary: Ann Patten
Treasurer: Philip M. Anders

Honorary Board:

Honorary Vice Chair: Michael Scullin, Esq.
Officers: Wayne R. Strasbaugh, Counsel
Daniele Thomas Easton
Edward Greenawald
F. Russell Greenspan
James W. Marvin, Jr.

Contact: firststateantiquearms@gmail.com

W3R®-DE Executive Committee

President: Bill Conley
VP: Veronica Eid.
Treasurer: Sally Miller
Event Illustrator: George Widger
Rev War Colonial Army Advisor: Jim Stone
SAR Liasion: Mike Gallagher
DAR Liasion: Sarah O’Donnell
First Delaware Regiment Liasion: Chris Mlynarczyk
Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Willing
Secretary: Karen McCoo
Rev War Historical Advisor: Wade Catts

Contact: Robert Reyes robertereyes@yahoo.com

W3R®-MD Board of Directors

Larry Abell – Chair
Mary Margaret Revell-Goodwin
Darlene Perry
John Sower
Ellen von Karajan
Robert Reyes
Eileen Rice
Susan Giddings
Chuck Frascati
Mark Croati
Christopher Haugh
Christos Christou
Charlotte Weirich

B.J. Gerber argonet@aol.com
Jennifer Carver

Washington, D.C.
John Sower sower1@erols.com