The Marchers

A Commitment to Living History

In June of 2006, the 225th anniversary of the start of the original march to Yorktown, a small but dedicated band of Revolutionary War re-enactors commemorated the ‘March of the Two Armies’, by walking the entire route from Newport, RI to Yorktown, VA.

They used French engineering drawings, diaries and early road maps to negotiate what is now the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail (WARO-NHT). They followed the original schedule – 225 years to the date. (

Their reenactment of the March to Yorktown and the ongoing work, since the 1990s, of hundreds of other dedicated historians, volunteers, W3R-US members and the U.S. Congress, finally culminated in the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route’s designation as a National Historic Trail in 2009.

In 2011, the Marchers celebrated a water portion of the trail aboard the USS Eagle. They also made presentations of WARO-NHT banners, commemorating the route as a new National Historic Trail, at Mount Vernon; Yorktown; Princeton; Bolton CT; Washington DC, Rogers Tavern MD; Baltimore; and Schuylkill Banks and Constitution Hall in Philadelphia. (NPS site link).

Three Marchers walked the entire distance:

David Holloway 1951-2015

David Fagerberg

Michael Fitzgerald

With continuing reenactment, logistical and moral support from:

Rosemarie Morin

Richard Swartwout

Damon Rudnac ✝