Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail Featured in New Book!


The Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail is featured in America’s National Historic Trails: Walking the Trails of History. Unknown to many travelers, the National Park Service of the United States has established a national historic trails system that’s perfectly designed for planning patriotic versions of the Great American Road Trip. Totaling 31,000 miles in 41 states, the 19 routes of the NHT system are organized by all-American themes both triumphant and tragic, tracing the stories of the The March to Yorktown, Lewis and Clark expedition, the Trail of Tears, the civil rights quest in 1960s Alabama, the Mormon diaspora, and 15 more. The underappreciated program is documented and celebrated in a photography-rich book, America’s National Historic Trails, written by Karen Berger and photographed by Bart Smith. Documentarian Ken Burns and screenwriter Dayton Duncan, who collaborated on PBS’s epic 12-hour series on America’s national parks in 2009, provide the foreword to the book.” – Frommer’s

“Eye-opening fun for travel, history, nature, hiking and photography lovers: The newly published America’s National Historic Trails by Karen Berger entices aplenty. This engaging 320-page hardcover spotlights 19 history-making USA trails that stretch across a mind-boggling web of more than 37,000 miles through 42 states—from colonial settlements to westward pioneer quests, American Indian movements to American Revolution battlefields, Lewis and Clark explorations to civil rights marches, Captain John Smith’s Chesapeake escapade to the galloping Pony Express. While traversing all of them, photographer Bart Smith ambitiously shot thousands of images, 325 highlights of which showcase the memorable destinations featured in this book. Crack open its oversize cover, get comfy for epic encounters and imagine your footsteps pursuing these hallowed paths.” — Forbes

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